14 January 2022

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation Ideas, Techniques And Tacticts.

By Rahul Garg

Lead generation is the continuous activity to collect the information of prospect customers to buy our product or service in long run, lead generation doesn’t guarantee any sales conversion, but it establishes relationship with those prospect buyers.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, lead generation plays a major role to become successful, because of this reason every successful blogger has a huge list of blog visitors information in their Email list.

if we look at top professional bloggers profiles like Mr. Pat Flynn, Mr. Neil Patel, Mr. Harsh Agarwal, Mr. Brian Dean, they have a minimum of 50000 visitors information(leads) in their hands who are continuously making some kind of purchase from their blogs and these bloggers are making money from those leads, I won’t say all the leads will buy every month, some percentage of those leads will actually buying the products through their blogs, which is ultimately helping bloggers to earn money.

Leads are always lead to a sale if not now, it may happen somewhere near future, people will buy products or services from known person rather than unknown person, even if known person is not an authoritative person still people prefer known brand because of the trust they established with the brand.

Now we know the importance of lead generation, but the ways, techniques, tactics to generate leads and capturing it to become successful is possible if we follow these steps continuously.



Landing pages are primarily focused on capturing leads, these landing pages consists and displays our unique selling about our services and products which we are offering through our blog.

The landing page lead conversion rate is very high compared to the homepage because it has only required information without any distraction like the sidebar, advertisements, and other distractive items in that page.

Landing pages are used to do paid campaigns on social media and other ad networks to captures leads.

If we want to offer some services or free trail of our products or training through our ads, then we can’t direct our visitors to our homepage because they don’t find relevant information what they are expecting, so having a landing page which is having a relevant information to our paid campaigns and displays accurate information, unique selling points, small description, trust elements will increase lead generation conversion rate.

We have to properly optimize our landing page to generate leads, here is the list some points which are essential in optimizing the landing page.

  • eye-catching headline
  • Image or Video
  • Unique Selling Points
  • Call To Action button
  • Small description about advantages
  • Testimonials
  • Trust Elements

Here is a link to landing page optimization tutorial on QuickSprout website by Mr. Neil Patel for your better understanding.


Generating leads from social media has become more affordable now, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin allowing publishers to capture targeted audience information through their paid promotion option.

Previously companies and publishers used to use social media for brand awareness and to bring traffic to their blogs, now social media algorithms especially Facebook is making a lot of difficulties reach their audience, so publishers and companies are concentrating and using their social media paid promotion campaigns to capture the prospect leads, because these leads will become permanent asset to the publishers.

Depending on social media without generating leads is a big mistake at present, so we have to capture leads from social media to make our efforts and money to become a permanent asset for us.

  • Twitter lead Generation Card

Twitter lead generation card is a form that can be attached to our tweets, which allows our followers to send their information to us directly with a single click on the LGC(lead generation card) button on our tweet.

As of now these Twitter LGC is free to use, we can’t compose these LGC in normal Twitter admin page, we have to login into Twitter ads section to compose LGC tweets.

  • LinkedIn For Lead Generation

LinkedIn platform allows advertisers to capture leads through a call to action button which redirect visitors to our landing page or our required destination URL to get the information from the user.

  • Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook website clicks advertisement option allows to direct our visitors to our landing page, if you have decent knowledge and experience in Facebook advertising then you can able to capture targeted leads at an affordable price.

Facebook page have the option to include Call to action button in below the cover page and we can use this button to direct visitors to our landing page.


YouTube videos are another best option to capture leads, create how to videos related to your niche, use annotations to direct your visitors to land in your website landing page.

Use the description option to add URL to direct your visitors to your landing page, clearly request (call to action)your video viewers to check and visit your website.

Post YouTube videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, add your landing page URL in the description.

Use YouTube video paid promotions to reach targeted audience related to your niche, find out influencers on YouTube related to your niche, collaborate with them to promote your videos or target their audience in your paid promotion.


Events are two types, online events, and offline events, try to participate in those two events to leverage the benefit of capturing the leads from the audience.

If you have a great following on social media then you can conduct Google hangouts event with your followers to solve their problems or you can take a tutorial class on your favorite subject to teach.

Participate in local country publisher events and approach for a slot on a particular subject which you are comfortable, these events will get you a lot of possible prospects customers.

when you check Mr. Pat Flynn’s activity in his blogging career, he has attended so many events and given a speech at so many public events which has increased his brand image, trust, and leads to his business.

Mr. Neil Patel got his first client from his college speech and it is the turning point to his successful entrepreneurial life.

So participating and speaking at all related places like conferences, local communities, school functions, public events will increase our brand image and brings some leads to our business.


Free trial with limited functionalities is a great way to capture leads, now every company has realized this opportunity to generate leads, except some negligible companies, all are following this method to capture leads.

If you don’t have a product, then create a product for yourself it may be an Ebook, training material, or how to video tutorial and offer free to your visitors in exchange of their email address.

People are interested in using free things if you provide great value in your freebies, they will become loyal prospect customers in future, online marketing success is depended upon relationships, more leads you have, the more business you can do.

Recently I have used Aweber and LongTailPro free trials, both of these services has great features which are helping me and I am witnessed those features personally by using their free trial, now I have confidence in their products, because of this trial service I am already purchased Aweber service and I am going to purchase LongTailPro very soon.


Giveaway contests are great way to open floodgates to generate leads, contests can run on social media directing visitors to your landing page which is properly optimized to show your giveaway prize and the information you want to get from participators.

Running contests needs experience, so initially start your giveaway contests with small gifts, after getting the experience you can plan your next big giveaway contest.

To generate targeted audience leads, plan your giveaway prize which is useful to your audience, for example if you plan to give away a branded watch then you will get leads from all people who might me not a prospect, customer.

So plan to give away one-time purchase gift software like premium WordPress theme or premium proofreading software like Grammarly, if you plan these type of gifts then you will get targeted audience leads.

Now Facebook is allowing to run contests but you have to follow their terms and conditions.

Once you plan your giveaway, set the time period for at least 30 days and mention the date and time when you are closing the date if possible try to include stopwatch to display countdown, clearly mention when you are announcing winner name.

Use all your efforts to promote the contest on social media and on your website, invest some amount on social media paid promotion to reach more people, ask your blogger community friends to promote your giveaway contest.


Webinars are live event seminars on particular subject where people can participate from the comfort of their own premises, people are very much interested in learning new things free from authoritative persons and the best part of webinars is whoever wants to participate in the webinar will happily share their information without any hesitation.

Here people will learn new things and webinar event organizers will get targeted leads, but a single blogger can not organize webinar frequently if they are not authoritative persons or not a popular person, so it is advised to rope in at least one authoritative person in webinar.

Active participation and having good relationship in blogger communities will help you to rope in 3 to 4 bloggers in one webinar, these events are win-win situation to all the bloggers because here you have opportunity to share your knowledge, answer questions and improve their brand awareness among each other blogger’s audience.

If we plan a webinar with 3 to 4 bloggers then all the bloggers will promote this webinar information with their audience on all platforms and the turn out attendance will increase, if you don’t get expected turnout also, no need to worry because this webinar recorded video can be used as testimonial to showcase your audience in future, you can even post this video on YouTube to promote your brand and rest of the blogger’s also get recognition.

In India, bloggers are not using this method effectively to promote their brands with collaboration if we check Mr. Neil Patel or Mr. Pat Flynn they have participated in so many webinars in their initial days of blogging career for the purpose of increasing their brand reputation.


Organic traffic brings accurate target audience to our blog, these are the people who are searching information on the internet to find solutions to their problems, it is our to duty to provide information what they are searching for, here we have to act smart to get organic traffic to our blog.

There is so much of competition on the internet for short and popular keywords, so selecting long tail keywords which are specific to a particular problem is the best way to rank better in search engines.

List out minimum 30 long tail keywords which has very less competition and has minimum 1000 searches (volume) per month and try to write 2500 words long descriptive articles with properly documented evidence examples to support your statements.

Take care of on page and off page SEO optimization of those articles, promote those articles on social media to start spinning the ball once it starts getting traffic from search engines it will become a roller coaster to bring leads and traffic to your blog.


Opt-in email marketing boxes to capture email addresses are best sources to convert a website visitor into a lead or subscriber, now everybody is capturing email addresses from the readers because every blogger knows money is in the list.

Readers will not exchange their email address if we don’t offer any added value to them, so try to add ebook or useful information which entices visitors to share their email address with us.

Recently I started offering valuable Adsense monetization tips ebook to my visitors for the exchange of their email address for subscription, and my subscription conversion rate is increased drastically, but do remember you have to provide good information to your subscribers to add value to them.

There are different types opt-in boxes available to capture email addresses, place these opt-in boxes at important places which are not disturbing your user experience as well which is visible to your reader.

Lightbox popup is the best opt-in to capture email address because it darkens the background of your website, highlights the visibility of your message without any distractions, here you can add clear call to action button which reminds the visitors to sign up, sidebar widget sign up forms conversions are very less compared to the lightbox opt-in.


Content locking is another way of capturing leads from our blog, if you think you wrote a great content and you are providing great value to the reader then you can ask your visitor to unlock the content for the exchange of email or social share.

This method looks like forcible action, but some bloggers are implementing this method in their blog and getting good number of leads if you are desperate to generate leads and you think you are throwing away a great content free then this is the best option for lead generation.

At present content lock free WordPress plugins are having only social shares to unlock the content but if we want to capture email address and redirect the users to our landing page then we have to buy a premium plugin to capture the leads.

Premium content lock plugin and Optin lock plugin are paid plugins which can be used to capture the leads.

Conclusion: These are top 10 affiliate marketing lead generation ideas, techniques, tactics we can use to generate leads and if we implement these strategies in our daily routine then collecting prospect leads is not a difficult process, I request you to share your opinions thoughts and suggestion in comment box to add value to this article and it helps me as well readers to know more about this topic in lead generation, I hope this article will help you to become successful in your blogging career, feel free to ask any questions regarding this topic, I will try to help you in this regard.

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