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✔ Over 20 lectures and 3 hours of video content! ✔ Research based Training and different case studies. ✔ Practical Training- No boring Lectures ✔ Advanced & Hidden Techniques ✔ Earn 10% Profit Monthly ✔ Resources for Free Software & Tools ✔ Learn From Traders - Not From Trainers ✔ Risk Free Trading Strategies
  • The course is for anyone who has eagerness to learn gain knowledge of financial field.
  • One can join the course even after the completion of 12th standard.
  • Anyone who is looking to earn extra income from their savings can join this course
  • Working Professionals, Housewives, College Students also can join this stock market course
  • Beginner Level: - Equity Advisor, Relationship Manager, Dealer, etc.
  • Middle Level: - Senior Relationship Manager, Equity Researcher Technical Analyst or Technical Analyzer, Fundamental Analyst.
  • Entrepreneurship: Financial Advisor, Broking-Up Broking Services, Consultant Services, Self-Investment.
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