Why Join DICC Stock Market Course in Delhi?

DICC a gateway to success in stock trading. As one of the top stock market institutes in Delhi on the basis of ratings, reviews and feedback of different students, DICC is the most trusted name in providing financial analysis education. We do have experienced and skilled traders who will teach you to how to do trading practically and initiate profitable trades in the live market in front of students. Our focus is not only to teach you but to make you a professional trader in the stock market. The main features of our stock market course would include practical training, experienced faculties, small batch size, NSE certifications, live market sessions, lifetime support etc. These features of our stock market training in delhi makes us unique with our competitors and best of all is that all these features of our stock market program comes at an affordable fee also.

experienced traders in stock market

12 + Years Experienced Traders

DICC offers training by faculties who do have more than 10 years of experience.

nse certifications with stock market course

NSE Certifications

You will be eligible to get NSE Certifications after the course.

live market stock market training

Live Trading Sessions

Live Trading Exposure in Live Market will be given to our students.

free tools and software with share market course

Free Software and Tools

Related Software to Stock Market and other tools and books will be provided.

small batch size in share market classes

Small Batch Size

Small batch size facility, so that we can focus on every student.

free stock tips with share market training

Get Free Stock Tips From Experts

You will get free stock tips from the expert traders during the course.

free demat account with stock market courses

Free Demat Account

You will be also provided free demat account alongwith the course.

doubt clearing sessions on technical analysis course

Maximum Doubt Clearing Sessions

You can ask about your doubts. We are happy to solve your doubts.

placement support in technical analysis training

Lifetime Support

We offer complete support to our even after completion of course.

30 (ADVANCED) Modules Covered

DICC covers most advanced and updated course modules that enable the students to become professional traders in the market. We offer training from the traders who do have proven positive records of trading. The module structure of the stock market course designed by the professional traders who after a long time research build up the modules that is suitable for the investors, students, retired professionals, housewives etc. We have simplify the things so that even a layman could understand how stock market works.

overview of stock market courses

Module: 1 Understanding Stock Market

It covers basics of stock that will create strong foundation and clear the basic concepts of the indian stock market.

equity analysis training in delhi

Module: 2 Equity Market Analysis

Learn about the equity analysis or stock market analysis and about the current trends of the share market with proper understanding.

commodity analysis training in delhi

Module: 3 Commodity Market Analysis

Commodity trading training course is designed as how to use commodity trading platforms and implying the technical, fundamental in live market.

forex analysis training in delhi

Module: 4 Currency Market Analysis

Master the art of currency trading or Forex Trading as how to calculate price differences between different currencies of the world.

technical analysis course in delhi

Module: 5 Technical Analysis

This module covers the practical implementation of charts and patters, oscillators, Bollingerbands, support levels, resistance levels, etc.

fundamental analysis course in delhi

Module: 6 Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis course will cover as how to study company?s historical background, monthly turnover, balance sheet etc.

derivative analysis training in delhi

Module: 7 Derivative Analysis

Derivative analysis training includes as how to learn and practically implement future and options, analyzing put and calls etc.

option analysi course in delhi

Module: 8 Option Analysis

Option analysis classes will enable students to learn about different hedging strategies, commodity and currency options, margin money

international market analysis course

Module: 9 International Market Analysis

Learn how to trade in international markets, effect of international markets on Indian markets, dow jones, SGX Nifty, Straits Times etc.

arbitraging training in delhi

Module: 10 Arbitraging

Master the art of arbitraging and learn how to trade between exchanges including Indian and international exchanges.

intra-day training course

Module: 11 Intra-Day Trading

Learn how to find out stocks that gives movement on intra-day basis with the help of charts and patterns formation.

advanced options training in delhi

Module: 12 Advande Option Greek

Advance Option Geek is an advanced version of options analysis and will enable you to trade in options market on higher level.

elliot wave theory courses

Module: 13 Elliot Wave Theory

Elliot wave theory will enable you to judge the stock market directions on the basis of wave formations, patterns and charts.

dow theory courses

Module: 14 Dow Theory

All the major components of Dow theory such as The Market Discounts Everything, three kinds of market trends, Primary trends etc

gann theory training

Module: 15 Gann Theory

Gann Theory on the basis of its trendlines predicts the direction of market, tops & bottoms, predicts supports and resistance levels etc.

wolfe wave analysis course

Module: 16 Wolfe Wave Analysis

Wolfe wave analysis helps you to find out the bearish or bullish pattern of the stock market on the basis of different waves.

stock selection and trading

Module: 17 Stock Selection and Trading

One of the most important part of stock market is to select right stocks for trading purposes. In this module, we will teach you selection of stocks.

industry and sector analysis

Module: 18 Industry and Sector Analysis

It helps you to study the different industries and sectors of the stock market and its impact on Indian economy as a whole.

balance sheet analysis

Module: 19 Balance Sheet Analysis

The monthly turnover, quarterly results, profits and loss statements of different companies can be studied in this module.

crpto-currency trading training

Module: 20 Crypto-Currency Analysis

As the crypto-currency trading is legal in India, we will let you know how to trade in the crypto-currencies as well.

technical analysis training

Module: 21 Political & Economic Analysis

Political, economic and news based factors are also important to study and its impact on international stock market.

portforlio management training

Module: 22 Portfolio Management

How to handle the portfolios of different clients? What are the different stocks to be added in the portfolio etc will include in it.

capital market course

Module: 23 Capital Market (Dealers)

Capital Market Module will enable you to get the certification, practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets.

Indian Securities Market

Module: 24 Indian Securities Market

In this module, we will teach you about primary and the secondry markets and how they are important in executing successful trades.

research analysis training

Module: 25 Research Analysis

Stock Analysis and research would also enable you to get the certification in equity research plus practical exposure from us.

investment advisor course

Module: 26 Investment Advisor

We will also enable you to become a certified investment advisor who can provide professional advice related to as how to make investment.

risk management training

Module: 27 Risk Management

In this module of risk management, we will teach how you can reduce risk on your investment and how you can maximize profits..

trading software and tools

Module: 28 Using Software and Tools

Learn how to use different tools and software of stock market and their proper implementation, decide perfect time to trade etc.

live share market training

Module: 29 Live Trading Terminals

Learn to trade practically on live trading terminals. Take positions in live market and make profitable trades in this module.

creating stock market strategy

Module: 30 Creating Strategy From Scratch

At last, learn to implement different strategies in the stock market and learn how to make different strategies from scratch.

More About Stock Market Course in Delhi


Its a place where the shares of public listed companies are traded or where investors can buy and sell ownership of specific investment assets. The stock, also known as equity, represents partial ownership in a company. An efficiently working stock market is considered important for economic growth, because it gives companies the ability to use capital quickly. .

Once new securities are sold in the primary market, then their business is gone in the secondary market - wherein, as an investor buys shares at the current market price from another shareholder or at whatever price the buyer and the seller both agree. The secondary market or stock exchange is monitored by the regulatory authority. In India, primary and secondary markets are governed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Purchasing stocks of companies operating in different sectors is possible. It helps to enhance the asset allocation and gives diversification. Investing in a stock is often risky, which captivate attention to the huge profits and losses of some investors. If you can manage risks, you can take dominance of the stock market to keep your financial status safe and earn money.

One of the foremost benefits of investing in the stock market is the opportunity to increase your money. Over time, the stock market increases the value, even though the prices of individual shares are increasing and decreasing daily. Investments in steady companies that are able to grow, make profits for investors.

Some shares contribute income in the form of dividends. The payments show up even when stocks have lost their value and represent income at the top of any profits, which eventually comes from selling the stock. Over time, to increase their investment portfolio, dividend income can be paid for a retirement fund or even greater investment.

For those investors who invest money in several types of investment products, there is the benefit of providing multiformity in stock market investment. Stock market investments alter from other types of investments, such as bonds and real estate, independently.


The stock market is an emerging place to begin your job with. It is getting widened day by day and many start-ups are being established in the country on a regular basis. The opportunity to become an entrepreneur is also ingenious in the stock market. The investment guarantee is lower than the other businesses to start its own sub-broking firm.


In case of stock markets, any specific educational background is not required. Students from science, commerce and humanities(Arts) can also make a career in the stock market. Good communication skills and good personality enhance the opportunity to further growth in the market.


Beginner Level: - Equity Advisor, Relationship Manager, Dealer, etc.
Middle Level: - Senior Relationship Manager, Equity Researcher Technical Analyst or Technical Analyzer, Fundamental Analyst.
Entrepreneurship: Financial Advisor, Broking-Up Broking Services, Consultant Services, Self-Investment.

Who Can Join Stock Market Program of DICC

Investors & Businessmen

The stock market course is ideal for investors & businessmen who would like to earn extra from their savings through investments in the stock market.

Students and Beginners

The course is certified by National Stock Exchange (NSE). Therefore this stock market course is suitable for the students and beginners. This course will enable you to get Jobs in the broking houses as well.

Retired Professionals and Housewives

If you are retired professional from any finanical field or even a Housewife from something related to financial background, this stock market training program would enable you to make extra earnings from your home comforts

about dicc stock market courses

About DICC Stock Market Course

Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) is one of the famous stock market institutes in Delhi with good number of reviews, ratings and feedback of different students coming to DICC from all over India. DICC is specialized in imparting quality stock market training in Technical analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Derivative analysis, Option Analysis. We are also have expertise in providing training for NSE, NISM, and SEBI examination and help the students to get certifications and make up their career in the field of financial, stock market and banking sectors. We have specialized stock market courses for investors, businessmen, traders, students, housewives and retired professionals. We offer courses on both classroom and online basis as well.

DICC having three branches in delhi i.e. South Delhi, East Delhi and North Delhi is focussed to offer quality stock market training in Delhi to its students, investors, businessmen, housewives and financial professionals so that they would be able to make money from stock market. We do have dedicated team of stock market experts which would provide complete support to its students.

An insight of What we Cover in our Financial Analysis Course

Research Based Analysis

This is only a demonstration video of what we taught in our stock market program. We have designed the stock market course that includes all the essential components by which you can become a skilled and professional trader. For Complete Research based analysis about NIFTY and SENSEX movements :

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We do have strong and dedicated team of stock market experts who are offering tips to leading broking houses of India

stock market trainer

Nasir Mirza

Founder & Money Maker

technical analysis trainer

Yash Dahiya

Trainer and Faculty Member

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Mohsin Mahfooz

Consultant - Stock Market

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    Just Go through the follwing frequently asked questions before joining the stock market course.

    DICC is the most trusted name in Delhi when it comes to stock market training and related financial programs. We are imparting quality education since 2009 and continue to create careers of students in the financial sector. We do have experienced traders who will teach you in real-time scenario and in live market hours and actually show in their client?s portfolio as how to make profits from the stock market.

    Yes. Of Course, you can make money from the stock market simply by implying the strategies taught by us. If you implement the strategies correctly, you easily can make 10% per month on your investments with minimum risk involved.

    As the course we are offering is not only for the investors but also for the students who are looking to make career in the field of finance and stock market, we help our students to get job placements in leading broking houses as well.

    The course is for anyone who has eagerness to learn gain knowledge of financial field. One can join the course even after the completion of 12th standard. Here at DICC, we will make full efforts to make your career in the field of financial markets.

    We will certain strategies in stock market such as hedging strategies, strategies on technical analysis, fundamental analysis etc. Just grab the concepts and strategies perfectly and imply them in stock market and you will safe and healthy returns from the stock market even when the stock market falls.

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