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DICC a gateway to success in digital and online marketing modes as we are rated as Top institute in delhi for digital marketing.

12 + Years Experienced Traders

DICC offers training by faculties who do have more than 10 years of experience.

International Certifications

You will be eligible to get International Certifications after the course.

Live Project Training

Live Project Training will be given to our students to give them practical exposure.

Free Software and Tools

Related Software, Toolkit & study material will be given to students.

Small Batch Size

Small batch size facility, so that we can focus on every student.

Competitive Price

You will get free stock tips from the expert traders during the course.

Interactive Classroom Sessions

You will be offered lively and interactive classroom sessions on live projects .

Maximum Doubt Clearing Sessions

You can ask about your doubts. We are happy to solve your doubts.

Lifetime Support

We offer complete support to our even after completion of course.

30 (ADVANCED) Modules Covered

30 Most Advanced Digital Marketing Modules. Affordable Fee. Live Projects Training. Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi with 100% Placement. With DICC Digital Marketing Course, you will get all the features.

Module: 1 Overview of Digital Marketing

In the first module, we will teach you the basics of internet marketing, including digital marking, career scope and benefits in digital marketing.

Module: 2 Basics of HTML

In this module we can teach you about What is HTML, basic HTML tags, how to design a template-based website with parameters of SEO.

Module: 3 SEO Onpage

On-page refers to both the content of a page and the HTML source code that can be customized. We will teach you how to onpage optimization.

Module: 4 SEO OFF Page

Offpage optimization refers to all the measures that can be taken to improve position in search engines with link building.

Module: 5 Social Media Optimization

In this we teach you how to use the power of social media to drive traffic to your website to create brand awareness.

Module: 6 Google Analytics

In this module, we will tell you about Google Analytics. Google Analytics will display all data related to your website.

Module: 7 Mobile Marketing

In this module we can learn more about how to create a mobile responsive website and how to promote your mobile website

Module: 8 Email Marketing

In this module, we will cover how you can bulk email to your perspective clients, designing newsletters etc.

Module: 9 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to convert the traffic of your website into cash by putting affiliate programs on your site.

Module: 10 Ecommerce Marketing

In this module we will teach you as how you can build up your own e-commerce shop and how you can sell out your products.

Module: 11 Online reputation Management

Reputation management refers to influencing and controlling the reputation of an individual or group. Module will cover that.

Module: 12 Ppc Optimization

. So, in this module we will teach you how to run your PPC Campaigns, paid campaigns or sponsored campaigns.

Module: 13 Understanding Remarketing

Learn how to create effective remarkting strategy and how to successfully implementing it to target the same audience again.

Module: 14 Conversion Tracking

In this module, we are covering how conversions can be calculated on your total investment. Learn how to implement it practically.

Module: 15 Video Based Marketing

In this module, we will teach you about YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc. Learn how to get Subscribers, like, views on your videos.

Module: 16 SEO OFF-Page Optimization

Offpage optimization refers to all the measures that can be taken to improve position in search engines with link building.

Module: 17 Lead Generation

Lead Generation refers to marketing process of encouraging & capturing interest in product or service with the aim of developing a pipeline

Module: 18 Google Search Console

In this module, we will let you know how to use Google search console data to enhance your website performance.

Module: 19 Getting Freelance Projects

In this module, find out how you can create effective proposals for clients, bid management etc on different freelance portals.

Module: 20 Wordpress

In this module We will teach you as how to install wordpress, publishing content and images, using SEO tools in wordpress.

Module: 21 SMS Marketing

In this module we will teach you abuot SMS Marketing ways, understanding SMS Interface, creating audience list, sending sms etc.

Module: 22 Webmaster Tools

in this module we will let you know about major tools such keyword tools, google webmaster tools, link analyzer tools, alexa toolbar etc

Module: 23 Adsense and Blogging

In this module, we will let you know as how you can create a professional blog and how to put adsense into it, so that you can start earning.

Module: 24 Content Optimization

In this module we will teach you how to write good content for website, how you can find the resources for content, plagriasm check etc.

Module: 25 Google Places & Geo Targetting

In this module you will be able to know as how you can target the local audiences and how to achieve rank in Google Maps.

Module: 26 Understanding CPanel

Learn how to create databases, installing wordpress, creating professional emails, creating Ftp's, uploading files to server and much more

Module: 27 Practical Projects of all Modules

After the Successful Completion of the all the modules students are required to submit practical projects.

Module: 28 Creating DM Strategy

In this module, we will learn as how to create a successful digital marketing strategy step by step.

Module: 29 Branding

In this module, we are going to teach you how to create brand awareness of your product or service using online marketing modes.

Module: 30 Live Project Work

In this module, we will teach you about how you can work on live projects of our different clients.

Top 8 methods of digital marketing Covered in Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

It is a digital era and everyone wants to market and promote their products through the internet to increase the reach. With the increasing trend of digital media, digital marketing has become the most sought after profession in recent times. A fresh graduate can easily get a digital marketing analyst role on a pay scale of 5 lakh p.a while an experienced professional can get about 8 lakhs to 4 million p.a.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is a process of optimizing your website in such a way that attracts traffic, helps in leads generation and rank higher in the search engine. SEO enables you to increase your online sales without any investment. This is one of the free methods of digital marketing.
Content Marketing : Its a marketing approach that focus on creating valuable and decent content to attract and retain the audience. It also brings increased sales and are proven cost effective. Quality content is the biggest and most important part of marketing.
Social Media Marketing: People use social media day and night these days and they are already following brands they are interested in. You must communicate with your audience directly using platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. It will get you leads and sales more quick paced.
Pay per click: Its a type of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. Its a way of buying visitors to your site rather than attracting them organically. One of the major types of pay per click isGoogle adwords where you can appear at the top rank of google.
Marketing automation: It is a part of technology which allows companies to manage marketing tasks automatically in order to grow revenue and generate sales leads. All the repetitive and scheduled tasks can be done with the help of automated marketing messages via channels such as email, websites, social media and text messages.
Affiliate marketing: It an online sales technique in which the blog owner promote other companies products on their blogs or websites in order to obtain commission.
Inbound Marketing: It is a marketing methodology which helps in attracting visitors or traffic by using content marketing efforts such as high quality content and SEO in order to generate leads.
Press Releases: It is an amazing way of digital marketing. It gives you an opportunity to get your ad published in all types of media such as TV, radio, new agencies and online PR platform. It helps you sell your product or service directly to the audience.

Who Can Join Digital Marketing Course of DICC

Digital Marketing For Students

If you are a student and have cleared your intermediate or graduate or MBA, BTECH, MCA or any other degree holder and looking for job than this digital marketing course will fulfill your requirements. You can get the job in digital marketing industry as soon as you finished the course. There are near about 20 lakhs jobs in digital marketing in the coming 3 years that are awaited for you. Boost your career as a student and join our digital marketing training program

Digital Marketing For ENTREPRENEURS

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to generate leads, conversions and business for your clients via digital marketing methods, digital marketing course will help you out. You can also set-up your own online e-commerce store and can generate leads using different e-commerce tools with the help of this digital marketing course. You can also work as a freelancer, blogger or YouTuber and can earn a lot using digital marketing methods.

Digital Marketing for professionals

If you are a professional or doing job anywhere in public or in private sector, this digital marketing training program will enhance your career by boosting your CV with digital marketing industry-endorsed certifications. This course will pave the way for an increase in your current salary as today everything is being digitalized and more and more businesses now-a-days are moving towards digital methods to generate leads and conversions. Join now and see the difference in your career.

About DICC Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

DICC offers complete course on digital marketing for those who wanted to pursue a career in the field of digital marketing or wanted to expand their business by online promotion, this course is best for them. We cover all aspects of online marketing, such as SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and many more. We will also teach you how you can make good money through affiliate marketing or paid advertising on your website or blog. This course is specially designed in such a way that even a beginner can learn and become a successful digital marketing specialist. So are you waiting for a free demo session just for the call. .

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DICC is one of the most reputed institutes for digital marketing and other such internet marketing or online marketing courses. We do have best of faculties who do have several years of experience in digital marketing. We will teach you everything practically and on live projects. We will also teach you some hidden techniques and strategies that actually work to gain higher rankings in search engines and thus can lead to conversions, leads and sales..

Anyone who has the learning capacity in internet marketing field can do this course. Even if you are 10+2 and have strong determination, you can grab the concept easily. We will provide you strong foundation or base whereby you can make career in this digital marketing industry.

Yes. After the successful completion of digital marketing course, you will be able to start earning using the online methodologies taught by us. If you do have a business than also you can expect great returns by making your business online and by applying the online strategies taught by us.

One can expect good returns if they do have business. Online business can increase your sales to 30% or more. If you are looking for job than you can expect a salary of 15 - 20 thousand per month initially. That can be increased after experience. .

Yes. You will get the 9 certifications from Google and DICC after passing exams.

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