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What you'll learn

We have simplify the things so that even a layman could understand how data analytics work.

Whats Material Includes?
  • Expert-led Hands-on Training Sessions
  • Extensive Industry Case Studies and Assignments.
  • Cutting-edge Modules Enhanced with Generative AI Integration
  • Access to Exclusive Job Opportunities Portal.
  • Real-world Projects and Case Studies for Practical Application
  • Personalized Career Mentorship Sessions In-Person (1:1)
  • Holistic 360 Degree Career Support
  • Immersive Online Blended Learning Experience
  • Hands-on Capstone Projects for Practical Skill Development
  • Access to Top Multinational Companies for Networking
  • Flexible No Cost EMI Options Available

Complete guideline from absolute
beginners to become an expert Data Analyst.

Complete Data Analyst Course

Data Analyst Course Career Oriented Program

The Data Analyst Career Accelerator Program provides in-depth training in data analysis techniques, data visualization, and statistical methods, complemented by practical career-oriented skills essential for success in the dynamic field of data analytics.

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Data Analytics Course with certification

Apply for the Data Analytics Program.
Application Deadline: 30th April 2023

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    BecomeBeginner to Pro Data Analyst

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    Learn on Live Project

Job Roles in Data Analytics

  • Data Miner
  • Insight Generator
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Business Interpreter
  • Information Architect
  • Decision Supporter

Course Content

20 Modules • 10 Weeks • 60+ Hours length

Data Analytics FOR EVERYONE

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The training sessions of data analytics at DICC Institute were truly exceptional. Every session was not only informative and engaging but also immensely beneficial for enhancing our skills. Each session was an incredible learning experience, and I gained invaluable knowledge that surpasses anything offered by other platforms. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated every aspect of the training.

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Aryan Ali
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DICC Institute is an excellent starting point for embarking on your Data Analytics journey. I enrolled in their Excel, Power BI, and MySQL courses, which are very reasonably priced. The teaching staff and support team at DICC Institute are exceptionally supportive and friendly. I am thoroughly pleased with the course and highly recommend it. My heartfelt thanks to DICC Institute and a special acknowledgment to Mr. Dev for his outstanding teaching

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Arman Singh
Clint Images

I am delighted to have completed the Data Science course at DICC Institute. The study materials were exceptional, providing a comprehensive understanding of the topic. The course structure was meticulously planned, making learning both smooth and comprehensible. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and presented concepts with enthusiasm and clarity. The interactive learning method not only kept me engaged but also facilitated the understanding of complex ideas. Ultimately, the course exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful for the invaluable skills and knowledge gained. I wholeheartedly endorse DICC Institute for its outstanding courses and commitment to delivering quality education.

Clint Images
Dinesh Kapoor
Clint Images

I thoroughly enjoyed the Data Science course I undertook at DICC Institute, particularly opting for weekend sessions. The instructors demonstrated exceptional expertise, simplifying intricate concepts and maintaining an engaging learning environment. The integration of practical case studies further enriched my learning, allowing me to apply my knowledge effectively.

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Dev Patel
Clint Images

DICC Institute's dedication to offering thorough training, tailored support, and real-world applications positions it as an excellent option for individuals seeking to delve further into data science. I enthusiastically endorse their weekend training sessions for a rewarding and enlightening educational experience.

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Farah Khan
Clint Images

As a beginner in the field, I recently finished the Data Analytics Course at DICC Institute. I attended in-person classes and was thrilled to engage in learning alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, elucidating concepts through various examples and scenarios. Furthermore, a dedicated support team was available on weekdays to aid with assignments and projects. I extend my sincere appreciation to the DICC Institute team. I am confident in recommending ATH to my peers.

Clint Images
Karan Kapoor
Clint Images

For individuals looking to gain expertise in both fundamental and advanced data science skills, DICC Institute is the ideal destination. The educational experience is enriched not only by the high caliber of the curriculum but also by the robust support infrastructure. If you are in search of a comprehensive and well-supported data science education, I strongly suggest considering DICC Institute for its exceptional range of courses.

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Mahir Gupta
Clint Images

I had a fantastic experience with DICC Institute, where their unwavering support was a constant throughout my learning journey. The responsive team was consistently available, no matter the time of day. The trainers were exceptionally qualified, and I gained a wealth of knowledge from their extensive expertise and experience. I look forward to broadening my knowledge further through additional applications at DICC Institute in the future. Thank you for delivering such outstanding training.

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Farhan Sheikh
Clint Images

I strongly endorse DICC Institute for data analytics education! I've attended both their online and offline sessions and found no difference in the quality of interaction. The instructors and DICC staff are incredibly supportive and always ready to assist with solutions. The assignments and case studies provided by DICC Institute are immensely beneficial for understanding the material. I am eager to enroll in more courses at DICC Institute in the future.

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Chahat Mehta
Clint Images

I have successfully completed the Data Science course at DICC Institute, and it was an enriching experience learning from seasoned instructors. Their teaching style is exceptional. Although I initially joined DICC Institute as a novice and felt apprehensive, the journey was filled with invaluable practical knowledge. The assignments and practice materials provided were instrumental in comprehending the concepts. The support team at DICC Institute is readily available for assistance whenever required. I highly recommend DICC Institute.

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Mohsin Khan
Clint Images

I recently finished the Data Analytics course at DICC Institute. It was a fantastic experience. The course structure was thoughtfully paced, catering to both beginners and those with some prior knowledge in analytics. The learning materials were meticulously crafted, simplifying complex topics for easy understanding.

Clint Images
Sahil Ali,
Clint Images

DICC Institute stands out as the top choice for Data Analytics courses. I chose the Intermediate Package and learned all the applications from the ground up. If you're in search of a reputable institute to commence your learning journey, look no further than DICC Institute.

Clint Images
Samir Shah,
Clint Images

I recently concluded my Data Analytics course at DICC Institute. It was an exceptional experience. Prior to joining DICC Institute, I had some career confusion, but now I feel confident about my career prospects. One of the best features of DICC Institute is its Learning Management System (LMS), which includes recorded live sessions, aiding in my learning process. I highly recommend DICC Institute to anyone considering a career in Data Analytics. Thank you to Anil sir and the entire team for their support.

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Seema Ahmed,
Clint Images

My experiences with learning Excel, SQL, and Power BI at DICC Institute have been truly exceptional, thanks to the quality of instruction and the institute's resources. This class has not only equipped me with the skills to use these tools for data analysis but also to present data visually in an easily understandable manner. Furthermore, I anticipate continually uncovering new ways to apply these tools in my professional endeavors.

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Siddharth Gupta
Clint Images

It was an enriching experience studying with DICC Institute. I participated in both online and offline classes, and I must say, the support provided during and after each session was consistent and remarkable. I never noticed any difference in the level of attention and assistance given, whether it was in-person or virtual.

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Deepak Kumar Jha
Clint Images

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Arpit Mishra

Main Features of This Course

Find out here the advanced features of this stock market course offered by DICC.

Complete Fee

The Complete Fee For the Stock Market Courses for 3 Months Duration is INR 30,000.

Rated 4.8/5 Stars in 21,475+ reviews.

Main Features of the Course.

  • 60+ hours Training
  • Advanced Techniques
  • NCFM/NISM Certifications
  • Live Training - No boring Lectures
  • Free Tools, Softwares & Study Material
  • Great Ratings, Feedback, and Testimonials
  • Best & Award-Winning Institute
  • Learn From Traders - Not From Trainers
  • Internships on Live Projects

Debdutta Jana

Advanced Educator

Debdutta Jana is a passionate and committed ethical hacker with extensive expertise spanning over two years in the realms of cybersecurity and digital forensics. As a seasoned trainer, he adeptly imparts knowledge and skills essential for safeguarding digital identities, computer systems, networks, and data against cyber threats and unauthorized access. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach, Debdutta effectively mitigates risks and fortifies defenses, ensuring robust protection for sensitive information. Proficient in managing and administering computer systems and databases, he possesses advanced proficiency in SQL. Debdutta's dedication to staying ahead of emerging threats and his hands-on experience make him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

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DICC covers most advanced and updated course modules that enable the students to become professional traders in the market.

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