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What you'll learn

We have simplify the things so that even a layman could understand about Machine Learning and AI

Whats Material Includes?
  • Practical Algorithm Implementation.
  • Real-world AI Projects
  • Expert Instructor Insights.
  • Industry-Driven ML Content
  • Interactive AI Modules
  • Algorithmic Optimization Skills
  • Advanced Model Development.
  • Data Exploration for ML.
  • Continuous Model Refinement
  • AI-driven Case Studies.
  • Scalability in AI Systems.
  • Ethical AI Considerations.

Complete guideline from absolute
beginners to become an expert AI Engineer.

Complete Machine Learning Course

Machine Learning Plus AI Career Oriented Program

Elevate your career with our comprehensive "Machine Learning Plus AI" program, designed to equip you with the practical skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic field of artificial intelligence. Gain hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies and emerge ready for rewarding roles in the forefront of ML and AI innovation.

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Common Jon Roles in AI

AI Unlocks Several Career Opportunities.

  • Data Scientist
  • ML Engineer
  • AI Researcher
  • NLP Specialist
  • Robotics Developer
  • Computer Vision Expert

Course Content

20 Modules • 10 Weeks • 60+ Hours length

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DICC Institute in Delhi boasts an exceptional learning environment with top-notch instructors. I am thoroughly impressed with their Artificial Intelligence program, structured with concise modules for easy comprehension. Trainer Prashant's profound expertise and effective teaching style make every class engaging. The hands-on practical sessions were particularly insightful. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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Aryan Ali
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A heartfelt gratitude to DICC Institute for providing comprehensive coaching in artificial intelligence, covering fundamentals to advanced concepts. The teaching approach is excellent, and special thanks to sir for practical insights into every application covered in the course, making it exceptionally easy to grasp. Kudos to the entire DICC Institute team for their dedication and guidance. Many thanks for the invaluable learning experience.

Clint Images
Arman Singh
Clint Images

DICC Institute stands out as an excellent choice for mastering Artificial Intelligence seamlessly. The faculty, particularly sir, is remarkably cooperative, providing support at every stage of the course. Sir goes the extra mile by offering additional doubt-clearing sessions, ensuring skill enhancement. The institute boasts excellent infrastructure, making it an overall outstanding learning environment.

Clint Images
Dinesh Kapoor
Clint Images

DICC Institute stands out for its highly experienced trainers in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The faculty, including dedicated professionals like Prashant sir, are invaluable assets, diligently assisting students through each module. Sir, with his expertise and amiable personality, ensures a conducive learning environment. Heartfelt thanks to DICC Institute for providing such exceptional guidance.

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Dev Patel
Clint Images

DICC Institute is an excellent choice for mastering any Artificial Intelligence course, thanks to their highly experienced faculty. Currently enrolled in Advanced Artificial Intelligence with sir, I appreciate the institute's impressive infrastructure, with wifi-enabled classrooms. The teaching approach covers topics comprehensively, ranging from basic to advanced levels, providing an overall enriching learning experience.

Clint Images
Farah Khan
Clint Images

Having concluded my Artificial Intelligence training at DICC Institute in Delhi, I must express my appreciation for sir's exceptional teaching methods. I extend my gratitude to the faculty for providing an excellent support system throughout my training. Heartfelt thanks to DICC Institute for a rewarding learning experience.

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Karan Kapoor
Clint Images

A special acknowledgment to sir at DICC Institute for his outstanding teaching style. This institute, located in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, stands out as an excellent learning hub. Completing my Artificial Intelligence course here has equipped me with knowledge in various tools for logo design and other creative endeavors. A truly enriching learning experience. Grateful to DICC Institute..

Clint Images
Mahir Gupta
Clint Images

The learning experience at DICC Institute is exceptional. As a former trainee, I completed the Artificial Intelligence in Machine Learning course with sir as my instructor. His calm and cooperative demeanor made the learning process smooth for every student. Even in online classes, the experience remains excellent and user-friendly. Having gained valuable knowledge, I plan to return for advanced courses. I highly recommend DICC Institute to all seeking quality education.

Clint Images
Farhan Sheikh
Clint Images

DICC Institute exceeded expectations in every aspect. Completing the Advanced Artificial Intelligence course with DICC was an enlightening experience with its informative and practical approach. The institute offers excellent infrastructure, comfortable AC rooms, and conducive learning environments. Regular doubt-clearing sessions with teachers add value. In a nutshell, "DICC Institute is the best ever." Grateful for the experience, thanks to the institute.

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Chahat Mehta
Clint Images

As a student at DICC Institute in Lajpat Nagar, I can attest that it's an excellent learning hub for career development. Under the guidance of Prashant sir, I completed my Artificial Intelligence course with a highly supportive faculty. The institute offers a top-notch learning environment, boasting great infrastructure and a notably positive atmosphere. Expressing gratitude to DICC Institute for the valuable experience.

Clint Images
Mohsin Khan
Clint Images

I took the DICC Stock Market Course to improve my knowledge of the stock market, and it did not disappoint. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the course was well-organized and easy to follow. The course material was presented in a way that made complex concepts easy to understand, and I appreciated the practical examples provided throughout the course. I feel much more confident in my ability to invest in the stock market after completing this course.

Clint Images
Sahil Ali,
Clint Images

DICC Institute stands out for its well-structured batches, convenient timings, and effective teaching methods – truly impressive. Satisfied with the facilities offered, I completed the Advanced Artificial Intelligence course under the guidance of sir. The teaching quality at DICC Institute is commendable, making it one of the premier training centers for Artificial Intelligence.

Clint Images
Samir Shah,
Clint Images

Enrolled in DICC Institute, Lajpat Nagar, for AI training, I gained profound knowledge about the subject and its various modules. Under the guidance of sir, my skills were significantly enhanced. The institute provides an optimal learning environment, and with effective placement cells, it opens doors to promising career opportunities. I highly recommend DICC Institute to all aspiring learners.

Clint Images
Seema Ahmed,
Clint Images

DICC Institute stands out as the number one institute in the field of Artificial Intelligence, thanks to its brilliant trainers. The experienced trainers have elevated the institute's reputation. Since joining, my technical skills have significantly improved. The training provided by Prashant sir equipped me with extraordinary skills and the confidence to tackle any interview. Undoubtedly, DICC Institute is the best training center for Artificial Intelligence courses.

Clint Images
Siddharth Gupta
Clint Images

DICC Institute stands out as the ultimate destination for AI training, with an equally exceptional faculty. Prashant sir, known for his friendly nature, imparts knowledge in a unique and understandable manner. His extensive experience reflects in his teaching style. The institute ensures timely completion of all sessions, making it the best choice for AI training.

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Deepak Kumar Jha
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Arpit Mishra

Main Features of This Course

Find out here the advanced features of this stock market course offered by DICC.

Complete Fee

The Complete Fee For the Stock Market Courses for 3 Months Duration is INR 30,000.

Rated 4.8/5 Stars in 21,475+ reviews.

Main Features of the Course.

  • 60+ hours Training
  • Advanced Techniques
  • NCFM/NISM Certifications
  • Live Training - No boring Lectures
  • Free Tools, Softwares & Study Material
  • Great Ratings, Feedback, and Testimonials
  • Best & Award-Winning Institute
  • Learn From Traders - Not From Trainers
  • Internships on Live Projects

Debdutta Jana

Advanced Educator

Debdutta Jana is a passionate and committed ethical hacker with extensive expertise spanning over two years in the realms of cybersecurity and digital forensics. As a seasoned trainer, he adeptly imparts knowledge and skills essential for safeguarding digital identities, computer systems, networks, and data against cyber threats and unauthorized access. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach, Debdutta effectively mitigates risks and fortifies defenses, ensuring robust protection for sensitive information. Proficient in managing and administering computer systems and databases, he possesses advanced proficiency in SQL. Debdutta's dedication to staying ahead of emerging threats and his hands-on experience make him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

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