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Ethical Hacking Course (Information Security)

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Ethical hacking or information security course specially designed to protect your digital assets from getting hacked by the hackers. This course deals with how you can apply security to your digital assets like websites, Email id, Networks, Server, Operating systems, Wifi Networks, smart phones or more. DICC is a ethical hacking training institute based in delhi offer ethical hacking and information security course in Delhi, NCR. After Completing Ethical hacking course students can make their career as a Penetration tester and finding and fixing computer security vulnerabilities. So if you wanted to learn Ethical hacking course in Delhi, Join Delhi Institute of Computer Courses...

Latest Modules

This course covers 24 latest and updated modules of ethcal hacking and information secrity.

Practical Training

At DICC, we give you the exposure of practical training on the latest and updated softwares.

Detailed Module Ethical Hacking Course

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Ethical Hacking Overview

Ethical Hacking or Information security deals with how you can secure your digital assents being hacked by the hackers. This module will cover the basic concepts of Hacking.

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Networking Concepts

Knowledge of Networking concepts is very essential to learn information security.this module will cover the basic concepts of Networking.

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This module cover the concept of virtualization.How you can make your systm a virtual machine and install multiple OS.

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Footprinting is way to gather information about the target.

Commodity Analysis


scanning is used to scan the ports to find out which ports are open and can be used in hacking process.

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Windows Hacking

This chapter deals how you can protect your system or Windows. This will cover how to break the login password and Keyloggers others methods to hacking the windows.

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Linux Hacking

Linux is supposed to be the most secure OS.but this is a myth. Linux can also be hacked in a easiest way.

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Virus & Worms

Virus and worms are quite troublesome. This module cover how you can make a virus or create worm. .

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Trojan & Rats

Trojan & Rats

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Stagnography is used to bind virus or trojan with any files such as video, images or song. .

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Email Hacking

In This module .

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Sniffing a the way to seek the passwords on LAN via software like Wireshark or Backtrcak when you login into and account..

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Phising create fake or duplicate pages mirrors of any social sites or mail sites & allow you to get the username and password of the victim.

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SQL Injections

SQL Injections is a way to get into any dynamic website with using thier username and password..

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XSS Attack

Cross site scripting or XSS is another way of attack.

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Iframe Attacks

this ca

Commodity Analysis

DOS / DDOS Attack

Dos is known as Denial of services, when your website get unusauall traffic from different location and get slow or down. DDos is the distributed form of DOS Attack .

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Wi-fi Hacking


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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering allow you to hack any software and make it full version

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing covers the process to find out the vulnerbalities in website, server or network and patch it. so that it can be secured..

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Firewall & Honeypots

Firewall & Honeypots.

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Commodity Analysis

Mobile Hacking

In This module Mobile Hacking.

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Cyber Laws

Cyber Laws.

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After Completing Ethical Hacking from DICC, our students will get successfuly placed in various company in delhi and NCR. There are lots of sector like Penetration testing, Network Administrator, secrity analyst etc. where one seek the job oppurtunities.

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  • Information security Analyst
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DICC is one of the famous stock market Institute in Delhi providing Ethical Hacking Courses for those who wanted to make career in Information secuirty. The Best thing about DICC is that we teach in practical trainng.

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