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Stock Market Course (Financial Analysis)

Wanted To Make Your Career in Stock Market or Want to Earn by doing self trading, Join Stock Market Financial Analysis Course. Call 8287996284 Now For Free Demo Session.

DICC launched a complete course for those, who wanted to make stock market as a career and wanted to earn from share market by doing self-trading. Financial analysis covers all the aspects of trading including Fundamental analysis, Derivative analysis, Technical analysis, option analysis, forex analysis as well as commodity analysis. This course specially designed in a manner so that a beginner can also learn and become a successful trader in stock market. This course also helpful for those who wanted to seek the job opportunities in stock market. This course includes certification of NSE' NCFM Modules.

NSE' NCFM Modules

This course also includes 6 main certifications form NSE' NCFM Modules, which are very importent from Job's point of views. We gives hands of practical knowledge of all the NCFM modules.

Live Trading

At DICC, we give you the exposure of shares trading on live Terminal with live market. You can also open your account and learn stock market course with your money while trading with live market.

Detailed Module Stock Market Course

Fundamental Analysis course delhi

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis covers understanding the the equity market and learning and fundamental factors related with stocks / shares.

Derivatice Analysis course delhi

Derivative Market

Derivative Market Dealer's Module, Derivatives are the parts of contracts such as forward contracts, Options contracts, Swap contracts and Future contracts. How to learn and make use of derivatives.

Technical Analysis course delhi

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis includes learning technical factors such as charts, patterns, indicator, oscillators, Support and resistence levels, stop loss and many more.

pption Analysis course delhi

Option Analysis

Option analysis deals with learning and applying option including option chain analysis, call option, put option of different strike prices, headging and many other methods. Apart for option analysis we also le you know the implementation of 22 option strategies. which help you to make diffent stretegies in diffent market situations

Commodity Analysis

Commodity Analysis

In This module we will cover fundamental & technical analysis of commodities. Indepth Analysis of commdoity markets Bullish, bearish, sideways or neutral. We also teach you how you can make money from commodity market while trading in commodities like gold, silver, crude oil, copper, nickel, Natural gas and many more.

forex analysis

Capital Market

Capital market module will give you an overview of the Indian Securities Market, Trading Membership, Stock brokers, Sub-brokers, NSE membership, Suspension & expulsion, Market types, NEAT system, Clearing and Settlement, Fundamental Valuation Concepts, Time value of money; Understanding financial statemets and Legal Framework.

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After Completing Stock Market Course from DICC, our students will get successfuly placed in various company Including SMC Global, Reliance Money, Angel Broking, Elite wealth, Sharekhan and many more. There are lots of sector like Equity Market, Derivatives Market, Commodity Market, Currency Market, Fund Management, Arbitrage Houses where one seek the job oppurtunities.

  • Fundamental Analyst
  • Technical Analyst
  • Derivative Analyst
  • Option Analyst
  • Commodity Analyst
  • Forex / Currency Analyst
  • Professional Trader
  • Client Relationship Manager
  • Operations
  • Advisory/Research
  • Equity Advisor
  • Risk Management
  • Equity Research
  • Dealer
  • Business Development
  • Back Office Accounting
  • Arbitrageur
  • Compliance Management
  • Depository Operation
  • Trainer

DICC is one of the famous stock market Institute in Delhi providing share Market Courses for those who wanted to make career in stock market or who are interested in making good returns from share market by investing thier money. The Best thing about DICC is that we teach in practical trainng with live market attachment on virtual and actual trading.

  • Investor/Trader
  • Businessmen
  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Retired Person

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About The Trainer

nasir mirza

Nasir Mirza is a finance professional with a total of 12+ years of experience covering various aspects of financial markets including Technical Analysis, Equity, Derivatives, Options, Commodity, Forex and much more. He has a degree in CS. He is a perfect blend of industry professionals, practitioners and academicians. He has started the trend of teaching the stock market courses in Live Market Hours. His way of teaching is so simple impressive and easy to learn. Apart from trading, investing and portfolio management, he also offers professional training on all the aspects of Financial Analysis. He has been associated with some of the reputed names in the trading industry including Angle Broking, Sharekhan, SMC Global, Elite wealth, Reliance Money and few more & also provide corporate training for their employees. He has delivered Workshops and Seminars at various colleges including NIIT JALANDHAR, IIT GUWAHATI, VIGNAN UNIVERSITY, VIJAYWARA, SASTRA UNIVERSITY, THANJAVUR, TAMIL NADU, Reliance Money Capital,Punjab Technical University etc.