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18 June 2023

Stock Market Books Beginners

Investing in the stock market can be both exciting and daunting, especially for beginners. The world of stocks, trading, and investments can seem complex and overwhelming at first. However, with the right guidance and resources, anyone can learn the fundamentals of the stock market and become a successful investor. One of the most effective ways to gain knowledge and insights is through books written by […]

15 April 2022

Most Common NFT Scams And How To Protect Yourself.

Although in another article we will talk more in depth about the technological basis of NFT tokens, emphasizing the limits and scope that this technology promises, this time we will talk about the most common types of fraud around these cryptoactives to establish some parameters that allow us to take care of ourselves and operate calmly when using them. Context on NFTs and fraud Although […]

25 February 2022

Tips For Expanding Your Business With Foreign Investors.

In 1990, the United States government created the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program as part of the Immigration Act of 1990. Under it, foreign investors can invest a minimum of $500,000 in a business that creates at least 10 new American jobs. In exchange for their capital, these investors receive investment green cards, allowing them to legally immigrate to the United States. Initially, the program […]

24 February 2022

Is The Clock Ticking How To Speed Up Your Time To Market.

The times are such that we are likely to miss the boat if we don’t climb on it early enough. Opportunities fly past like the proverbial butterfly- enticing but elusive. If you are selling stuff on the internet, time to market is possibly the most critical aspect of your strategy. How to get there earliest is important. No need to dot the I’s and cross […]

24 February 2022

Ethereum VS Bitcoin Does Ethereum Have The Potential To Overtake Bitcoin.

EthereumvsBitcoin: Does Ethereum Have the Potential to Overtake Bitcoin EthereumvsBitcoin comparison; the weighing scale experiment for cryptocurrency EthereumvsBitcoin comparison; the weighing scale experiment for cryptocurrency against international standard of value. You’ve got to determine the better, and then, the best solution out there. The unexpected rise in cryptocurrency has reached an abrupt stop. Various cryptocurrencies fall with double ratio while only a few are capable […]

21 September 2021

What is the Currency Market

Many people reading this article must not be aware of the Currency Market and how it functions in the real world. The currency market is also known as the Foreign exchange market which is a one-stop marketplace consisting of different currencies which can be bought and sold by people coming from all over the world. These people participate in this exchange market operating in a […]

26 June 2021

How to use Indicators and Oscillators in Technical Analysis

If you are interested in doing some investment in the market and if your kind of serious about the whole concept of investing then you must be undergoing proper research about the market. In such a situation it does not matter if you are a rookie or an experienced trader you will surely go through the graph to recognize what’s going on in the market […]

22 June 2021

Bull Market vs Bear Market

The stock market of any country is one of the most important aspects in the world just like the heartbeat which is important for the survival of the human being. The market can even be described as volatile in many possible cases and that is the reason it depends on various possible circumstances. You must already be aware of the stock market position as sometimes […]

11 May 2021

Stock Market Crash Reasons and Implications

Let’s start this article by knowing the exact definition of the stock market and stock market crash. Well as many of us are already aware of the fact that the stock market is nothing but an aggregation of buyers as well as sellers of stocks which often represent ownership claims on a various business proposal. This market is also known as the equity market, share […]

4 April 2021

Learning Stock Market for Beginners

In recent times young minds have started finding a lot of interest in the stock market and its related domains. This is the reason people are always trying to find the best method through which one can start their journey in this field. Proper guidance is, however, the initial requirement as without it you may end up doing some mistakes that can cause you a […]