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16 December 2022

What Are Keywords in SEO.

Keywords hold a very significant place in the field of digital marketing. All businesses and brands running their marketing campaigns on digital platforms aim to maximize their profits by attracting many potential leads to boost site traffic and business profits. The best way to do so is by using relevant keywords in your digital marketing campaigns so as to gain the traction of a considerable number […]

16 December 2022

What Is Meant By Web Hosting.

Web hosting can be defined as the platform that lets an organization or an individual upload a website onto the Internet. The web hosting provider, on the other hand, is a kind of business that provides technological services required for a website to be seen on the Internet. Websites are primarily hosted on servers. Every time a user wants to see your website, all they’ll […]

16 December 2022

Step-By-Step Guide For You To Add AdSense To Your Website.

We all tend to spend countless hours on our websites in order to create it, design it, update it and optimise it for earning good profits. Trust me, every day when I wake up in the morning, the first thought that comes to my mind is how can I make my website more profitable and useful for my followers. And as I sleep at night, […]

16 December 2022

Basic Understanding Of A Website.

Today, we are exposed to a huge variety of websites the credit goes to technological advancements in the digital space.  But what exactly is a website and what is it composed of? What are its types and how can we create them? These questions are of utmost importance which is why today I’m going to discuss these questions in detail. What Is A Website? A […]

16 December 2022

What Is A Domain Name.

Domains can be defined as the identification strings which helps to define the autonomy and control of a website over its presence on the Internet. Domain names play a very crucial role in identifying the network domain and in representing the Internet Protocol. These names are employed in URLs so as to identify certain web pages and are created under the supervision of the Domain […]

16 December 2022

All You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) forms the most prominent aspect of the field of digital marketing. It is not only one of the best methods to generate a considerable number of leads for your business but also the core foundation of digital marketing itself. Given its immense importance for the individuals seeking scope in the field, I thought that today I must discuss the practice of […]

30 November 2022

Download Youtube Videos In Android -Without Any App !.

Now no need to install any app to download youtube videos in your android mobile.In this article, I am going to share a trick to download youtube videos in your android mobile without installing any app. Just follow the steps given below. Here are the steps to download youtube videos in android mobile. Open Mozilla firefox in your android mobile . Then open a New […]

14 November 2022

Kickass Torrents New Site Is Back Online By Original Team.

Here is a good news for torrent lovers. A brand new Kickass Torrents website is launched recently by the staff members of original Kickass Torrent site. The new Kickass website is a clone of old Kickass Torrent (KAT) KAT site was shutted down few months  ago by US DHS and IRS in a investigation after arrest of its founder ArtemVaulin earlier this year in Poland. At […]

14 November 2022

Pingo Command line program to compress batch images.

Pingo is a command line program that allows you to compress images with or without loss of quality, so you can compress images up to 60 percent compression in JPG format, or perform compression without loss of quality in PNG format. The platform has five levels of lossless compression (PNG). As for compression with loss of quality (JPG), the environment has three levels of compression. […]

27 September 2022

5 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Segment Your Email List.

How many of you don’t segment your email list? This is probably the most overlooked action amongst most of us that have an online business. This is definitely a crucial part of growing a business because you know what they say: The money is in the list! In this post I’m going to give you 5 pertinent reasons why you should segment your email list […]