Free Stock Market Course Online

If you are beginner in stock market or share market than this E-book will help you out to aware of the beginner level concepts of stock market. DICC has started this stock market course for beginners free of cost, so that before joining the DICC stock market classroom training program, you would be able to understand the basic concepts of stock market which are quite useful before actually joining the program.  To join our stock market course classroom training visit:

Free Stock Market Course Online For Beginners

This stock market E-book will clear all your basic concepts of stock market through comprehensive and interesting articles with examples. You will also find the video lectures to have a better understanding of our modules:

Modules of the Stock Market Course For Beginners

 Section 1: Introduction to Stock Market

How the stock market works

  • Definition of the Stock Exchange
  • The role of the stock market
  • The placing of orders on the stock market
  • The different ways to invest in the stock market
  • Prejudices on the Stock Exchange
  • Definition of an OTC market
  • Definition of an organized market
  • Definition of an over-the-counter market
  • Organized market vs over the counter
  • Stock and finance acronyms and abbreviations
  • The different types of financial markets
  • Definition of Euronext
  • Definition of the clearing house
  • Operation of the clearing house
  • Stock trading vs Forex trading
  • Definition of a regulated market
  • Definition of the shareholder
  • Definition of floating capital
  • Definition of market capitalization
  • Definition of a futures market
  • Definition of a stockbroker
  • The role of the main futures markets

Stock market indices

  • Stock Indices: calculation and composition
  • The different RUSSELL indices
  • Definition of CAC 40
  • Definition of the DAX 30 index
  • Definition of the S&P 500 index

Securities transactions

  • Definition of Shorter an action
  • Can the stock price drop to 0?
  • How to buy or sell a stock?
  • Definition of an IPO
  • How to participate in an IPO?
  • Definition of a takeover bid
  • Definition of a capital increase
  • Definition of a public offer
  • Definition of the public buyout offer – OPR
  • Definition of share buyback
  • Stock market mergers and acquisitions
  • Definition of an LBO
  • Definition of the general assembly
  • Definition of the dividend
  • Definition of quorum

Stock market mechanisms

  • Factors influencing the share price
  • Financial transaction tax – FTT
  • Definition of a financial rating agency
  • Financial market regulators
  • Definition of the liquidity of a security
  • Definition of SRD
  • Definition of volumes

Section 2: Stock market volatility studies

  • Definition of implied volatility
  • Definition of historical volatility
  • Definition of the 3 witches / 4 witches
  • Volatility study on Gold (XAU / USD)
  • Volatility study on CAC40 stocks
  • Potential gains / losses on the CAC40, EUR / USD and GOLD
  • CAC40 volatility study during the 3 witches
  • Volatility study of the CAC 40 index
  • DAX30 index volatility study

Section 3:  Classic, forward and derivative financial instruments


  • Definition of a CFD
  • Taxation on CFDs
  • Difference between CFD and spot action
  • How to calculate the leverage on CFD?
  • Business model of CFD brokers
  • CFD Brokers: DMA execution or market maker?
  • Trade stock indices with CFDs

The options

  • Definition of a call and a put
  • American, European and Asian options
  • Intrinsic value of an option
  • Time value of an option
  • Definition of a warrant
  • Certificates, warrants and warrants

Futures contracts

  • Definition of a forward contract
  • Definition of a future
  • Futures on indices: technical characteristics
  • Best broker for futures
  • The advantages of futures
  • Forward Vs Contract Futures Contract
  • Should we trade CFDs or futures on stock market indices?
  • Maturities on futures

Financial securities

  • Definition of a financial security
  • Which financial products to trade?
  • Definition of an ETF
  • Definition of an action
  • Definition of an obligation
  • The different types of UCITS
  • How to trade indices?
  • Definition of a rollover
  • Definition of raw material

Section 4:  Stock market orders

  • Types of stock market orders
  • Definition of an all or nothing order
  • Definition of a limit order
  • Definition of a threshold order
  • Definition of a market order
  • Defining a trigger range order
  • Definition of an OCO order
  • What type of order to choose on the stock market?
  • Operate a stop limit order
  • Definition of the order book

Section 5:  Portfolio Management

The basics of portfolio management

  • How to start on the stock market?
  • Managing a stock market well
  • Amount of capital to invest on the stock market
  • Definition of a PEA
  • Eligibility of European actions for the PEA
  • Tips for investing in the stock market
  • The different scholarship fees
  • Hidden scholarship fees
  • Difference between PEA and PEA-PME
  • Taxation of the PEA

Risk management

  • Sensitivity of an obligation
  • Definition of market risk
  • Definition of specific risk
  • Calculating the volatility of a portfolio
  • Value At Risk – VAR
  • Correlation coefficient and risk management
  • Definition of tracking error
  • Definition of the Sharpe ratio
  • Definition of Jensen’s alpha
  • Definition of Treynor ratio
  • Definition of the duration of a bond
  • Definition of counterparty risk
  • Definition of liquidity risk

Financial analysis

  • Definition of PER
  • Choose actions according to PER?
  • Definition of intermediate management balances – MIS
  • Analysis of the income statement
  • Analysis of the balance sheet
  • Definition of stock market cycle
  • Business valuation methods
  • Definition of current assets
  • Asset valuation methods
  • Definition of equity
  • Definition of debt leverage
  • Definition of the liquidity ratio
  • Definition of market value
  • Definition of enterprise value
  • Definition of intrinsic value

Asset allocation

  • Definition of an efficient market
  • The Arbitration Assessment Model – APT
  • Markowitz model: the efficient frontier
  • Definition of asset allocation
  • Diversification of the stock market portfolio
  • Definition of Profit Factor
  • Small caps Vs Large caps
  • Growth stocks vs. yield stocks
  • Cyclical vs. defensive stocks
  • Selection of securities in your equity portfolio
  • Definition of sector rotation
  • The stock chart trap
  • Warren Buffett’s strategy and ratios
  • Mistakes to avoid on the stock market
  • How to choose your shares on the stock market?
  • Hedge fund investment strategies
  • Definition of MEDAF
  • Definition of risk-free asset
  • Equity investment strategy
  • Definition of fintech

Risks on options

  • Beta coefficient
  • Delta of an option
  • Gamma of an option
  • Option Rho
  • Option Theta
  • Vega of an option