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16 April 2022

Analytics Tools And Techniques For Pentesting iOS Application.

As part of our series of articles on pentesting in iOSapplications , this time we learn about some analysis tools and techniques from a theoretical and practical approach. Introduction In previous articles we have mentioned the dynamic and static analysis approach , we have raised issues related to the methodological bases of iOS application analysis and we have also mentioned, for example, the guides offered by the OWASP organization. But this time […]

12 April 2022

Get Reliable Steps To Add Contact To Gmail.

Gmail has always been famous in the world and has a magnificent demand in the entire market with very unique and multiple features where users can perform many tasks with this single mail application. It is very useful application because here it allows you to store all the confidential data and you operate your work through it. You can also operate your account with hangouts. […]

12 April 2022

Best Possible Ways For Users To Upgrade The Apple Safari Browser.

In previous, we have guided and demonstrated “How To Reset Your Apple ID Account Password?” and today we are providing simple and easy steps of Apple Safari Browser upgrade method. Apple Safari is one of the amazing and advanced browsers which are admired for giving accurate and fast searching results. This browser is very hassle-free from all the follies that you will discover in other browsers. However, […]

17 March 2022

7 Ways To Enjoy Your High Speed Internet Connection.

High speed internet connection has in many ways proved to be one of the best and most reliable methods of connecting to the internet. With the broadband internet connection, life has become a good place to live in. Everything we do in life has in one way of the other been affected by internet connection, and human beings are now finding it difficult to stay […]

17 March 2022

How To Protect Yourself From Security Attacks As A Remote Worker.

It was something that was unheard of several years ago, but slowly the world is changing culture and remote working is becoming a big deal. In fact, some countries believe that it’s just a matter of time before the majority of the workers are actually employed in this manner. It would be fair to say that this movement has been welcomed by the majority, who can now […]

25 February 2022

How To Secure Your Business’s Networks, Servers And Data.

Nothing is more valuable to a business than its data. While your employees, processes and office space are assets, it is your data that will determine your company’s success or failure. For example, leaking your trade secrets could provide your competitors with an industry advantage, while losing sensitive customer data could result in legal and financial consequences for your business. Unfortunately, with cybercrime increasing at a […]

12 January 2022

Importance Of Backups In Cybersecurity.

Only those who have lost important data know the importance of having a backup, the so-called Backup. Often, they are lost due to system failures, formatting, files deleted by accident or even the misfortune of a machine breaking knows the importance. For a company, data loss can mean much more than frustration, but huge losses. To know how to protect your data well, learn a little more […]

12 January 2022

How To Prevent From Internet Danger.

With the irreversible phenomenon of digital transformation, the user is increasingly exposed to the dangers of the internet: both for home and business use. Lack of care, naivety and lack of information are the causes of the main daily risk situations.  In this sense, the dangers of the internet increase when the user feels safe and ends up relaxing, leaving aside basic and intuitive care. Therefore, adopting […]

12 January 2022

How To Avoid Online Shopping Fraud.

 attempts of the most different types are a common reality. With the digital revolution and the increase in online shopping, cases in this segment are increasing. To help you avoid exposure to these frauds, which can bring financial risks and headaches, we’ve prepared a few tips. Check out!  Even with the risk of fraud in purchases, is it worth buying over the Internet? The advantages of buying online […]

11 January 2022

How To Adopt Work From Home.

How to safely deploy the home office modality With the coronavirus pandemic, the home office has become a reality for many companies in Brazil. The main reason is the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) to contain the infection: avoid agglomerations of people.  Thus, adapting routines to the remote modality, with work from home, is the best alternative for companies that allow the adoption of this modality. But, as it is […]