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9 January 2021

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Ethical Hacking

The world of technology and sciences are observing new and advance tools making an entry in the domain every day. There are a lot of competitions that is been held up by these entries. The artificial intelligence is changing every aspect of our lives in one or other way around. There are a lot of IT companies around that has developed artificial intelligence-enabled cybersecurity solutions […]

7 January 2021

Parrot OS vs Kali Linux

There are a lot of professional out there in the competitive world which use the Linux for many purposes such as security testing, penetration testing, ethical hacking and most important of all is as an operating system based on their preference. Linux is easy to go if used after proper understanding in the first place. It offers a variety of distribution that is quite flexible […]

7 January 2021

Best Cyber Security Tools in 2021

Recently as the health hazard, COVID-19 broke down across the globe every working individual was enabled to work from home. This remote working taking place at the huge number from different states of the country made cybersecurity something that every company started worrying about. The are many reasons behind this concern the first would be the details been leaked by any of the members during […]

31 December 2020

Cyber Security Certification Courses

As today’s technological business landscape is evolving with such a great speed there is quite a drastic growth in the IT security breaches across the world. As time passes the level of the increasing threats are becoming more and more advanced which makes it harder for the government agencies and enterprises to find the solution of. Today the certification courses in cybersecurity are becoming more […]

31 December 2020

Top 5 Diploma Courses in Cyber Security

The cybersecurity sector has grown broad in the past few years which has made this sector to be one of the fast-emerging and top-paying industries around the globe. In the year the market in search of people good in cybersecurity and offered them get a position in companies with a high salary. The market in this domain only cost about 132 million dollars. There are […]

6 November 2020

Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institutes in Delhi

Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institutes in Delhi Hello Everyone, Today I am going to show the list of top 10 ethical hacking institutes in Delhi. Ethical hacking is the capability to distinguish vulnerabilities in an association’s organization or foundation, and afterward address the issues to prevent occurrences or attack. Figure out how to perform penetration testing and addition the information and skills your requirement for […]

5 November 2020

Ethical Hacking Course After 12

Ethical Hacking Career is one of the famous and reputed jobs in India. As indicated by the overview, impending years will be the most important these fields due to the wrongdoing and online financial fraud expanding step by step. An ethical hacking principally works to make sure about the online cheats and make it safe. In a Technology world, Ethical hacking is in the blast, […]

6 September 2020

Simulated phishing campaigns – goals, forms and their problems

Phishing attacks are nothing new, but regardless of the size of the company, they are a major threat to any organization that uses phishing campaigns to test and improve the resistance of their employees to phishing attacks. But what does a phishing campaign consist of? A phishing campaign is generally a practice in which the institution simulates phishing messages and sends them to its employees. Here you will […]

13 August 2020

Email Security Tips

New types of malware and increasingly sophisticated attack mechanisms by cybercriminals keep making headlines. For example, security experts are currently warning against fileless malware . The malicious code is not permanently saved on the affected system. Instead, it is reloaded in the working memory. There is no permanent copy on the end device. Common antivirus programs usually do not recognize this type of malware. Even if a company only allows explicitly approved […]

18 July 2020

How to Secure Smart Cities Future

The future of the world’s population is urban. In 2050, about two thirds of the people will live in urban areas – especially in Asia and Africa, urbanization will be rapidly promoted. In plain language, this means that an additional 2.5 billion people are expected to live in our cities in the next three decades. In addition to the procurement of the necessary living space, […]