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18 June 2021

Difference between Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

Penetration and vulnerability scanning are two key security services to highlight your business in  security’s weaker areas so they can be corrected prior to a cybersecurity incident. As a result, penetrating tests and vulnerability scanning for the same service are often confused and terms are used interchangeably. This can cause problems, as companies can finally invest in one service if they really need the other. […]

18 June 2021

How API Attacks work and how can we prevent them?

API attack is nothing but a hostage usage or can even be termed as an attempted hostile usage of the present API. There are several ways through which attackers can misuse your API. The main part that is mostly targeted is the API endpoint that is highly considered to be misused every time such a situation is been encountered. Lets us see the few ways […]

18 June 2021

Social Engineering in Penetration Testing

Many of us not aware of the term social engineering in penetration testing this is nothing but a technique that is used by most ethical hackers to test the social engineering tactics for any organization employees basically to understand all about the security posture and also where all the vulnerabilities lie. In this way, it would be able to explore the main objective of the […]

18 June 2021

How to prevent Brute Force Attack

Many of us are already aware of what is a brute force attack. Just as a note to remember this the brute force attack is arguably the simplest form of all the cyber-attack as well as the hacking methods. However, the main idea behind all this is quite simple to understand. For instance, if you have an unlimited number of trials to guess a password […]

18 June 2021

Buffer Overflow Attack and its Prevention

Buffer Overflow An information security or programming problem occurs when a programme writes data to a buffer but overshoots the buffer’s boundary, resulting in data overwriting memory locations that are adjacent to the buffer. Buffers are memory storage regions that temporarily hold data while it is being transferred from one location to another. As a result, the programme attempting to write the data to the […]

13 June 2021

How to use Shodan Search Engine?

Shodan is nothing but a popular search engine just like Google but the operation of this search engine is somewhat different from all other search engines. Through this search engine, we can simply search for internet-connected devices. This is established with the use of different kind of routers as well as servers to the internet of things (IoT) devices. The devices such as thermostat and […]

13 June 2021

How does Darkside Ransomware work?

Many of us are unaware of some very important cybersecurity technology or topics that have a great impact on our day to day lives. Knowing these technologies help us to be safe from all the new threats going on as having sufficient information can make us know about how these threats work and of course how can someone come out from a worst situation like […]

5 April 2021

How to learn Ethical Hacking from the basics

The field of hacking is been around us for the last five decades and it would be not wrong if I say that the domain is of great importance in every other field that holds something in this new era. The security related to every piece of information is of broad discipline. All this covers a large range of topic altogether. The first event of […]

21 February 2021

Tools for hacking IoT devices

The field of IoT (Internet of Things) and the embedded devices is presently becoming a challenge for ethical hackers around the globe. They have been trying to understand the concept of this field and the related vulnerabilities these devices have. So, if a person wants to hack these IOT interfaces or I can say the integrated application that is a must that he possesses an […]

23 January 2021

Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers

The career scope in the domain of cyber stream has a lot of scope in the upcoming future. Due to advance use of the internet and the risk of threat among the people, there is a huge requirement of people in this field to crack down the hackers and also to build the security for most of the user worldwide. The professional related to this […]