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12 January 2022

Importance Of Backups In Cybersecurity.

Only those who have lost important data know the importance of having a backup, the so-called Backup. Often, they are lost due to system failures, formatting, files deleted by accident or even the misfortune of a machine breaking knows the importance. For a company, data loss can mean much more than frustration, but huge losses. To know how to protect your data well, learn a little more […]

12 January 2022

How To Prevent From Internet Danger.

With the irreversible phenomenon of digital transformation, the user is increasingly exposed to the dangers of the internet: both for home and business use. Lack of care, naivety and lack of information are the causes of the main daily risk situations.  In this sense, the dangers of the internet increase when the user feels safe and ends up relaxing, leaving aside basic and intuitive care. Therefore, adopting […]

12 January 2022

How To Avoid Online Shopping Fraud.

 attempts of the most different types are a common reality. With the digital revolution and the increase in online shopping, cases in this segment are increasing. To help you avoid exposure to these frauds, which can bring financial risks and headaches, we’ve prepared a few tips. Check out!  Even with the risk of fraud in purchases, is it worth buying over the Internet? The advantages of buying online […]

11 January 2022

How To Adopt Work From Home.

How to safely deploy the home office modality With the coronavirus pandemic, the home office has become a reality for many companies in Brazil. The main reason is the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) to contain the infection: avoid agglomerations of people.  Thus, adapting routines to the remote modality, with work from home, is the best alternative for companies that allow the adoption of this modality. But, as it is […]

11 January 2022

How Block Chain Works.

Blockchain has become a common expression in matters related to the famous Bitcoins, and sometimes the two terms get a little confused. If you want to find out, after all, what Blockchain really means and what it is for. How did Blockchain come about? In 2008, an article was presented to the discussion group “The Cryptography Mailing” containing the working principles of a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. The […]

11 January 2022

The Coronavirus Scams.

The outbreak of contagion we are going through has left many people on alert on the subject and, unfortunately, has caused a series of virtual scams with the coronavirus. The pandemic, which began in China in December last year, has spread and cases have already been reported in about 140 countries, including India. Due to this worldwide proportion, the terms coronavirus and Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, […]

3 January 2022

What Is a DDoS Attack And What Are Its Consequenses.

A distributed denial of service attack or DDoS (for its acronym in English), is an extension of a denial of service (DoS) attack that is carried out from the generation of a large flow of information or requests from various sources towards a specific goal. The difference between one and the other lies in the fact that a DoS attack is characterized by having a […]

3 January 2022

Know About The Jailbreak Everything And How Perform Pentesting On ios Application.

As we announced in the first article of the series “Pentesting guide in iOS applications”, today we bring you all the necessary information related to the world of jailbreak so that you can tackle the pentesting on iOS applications. Although this series of articles is not intended to be a pentesting course, it is important to highlight some requirements and generalities about this methodology in iOS applications. In […]

3 January 2022

The Top 5 Common Scam Models On Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. In fact, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, it is one of the four most popular social platforms in the world. However, these numbers also attract cybercriminals such as bees to honey, which they see in such a large number of users as potential targets of attack. In this article we will describe some of the […]

30 December 2021

What Is A Downloader A Type Of Trojan That Only Downloads Malware.

A downloader is a type of Trojan whose only functionality is to download one or more computer threats, who will be in charge of carrying out the malicious actions that the cybercriminal is looking for. Although a downloader does not contain a malicious payload itself, which helps it evade detection, this malware is considered both a method of propagation and a threat due to the role it plays in the […]