Author: Rahul Garg

28 July 2022

Where Is The Ideal Opt In Form Placement.

Have you started building an email list yet? If you have then you’ll no doubt have considered where on your blog your opt in form placement should be. Since the beginning of time, or so it seems, there’s been an unwritten rule about where these should go. Typically, the main places that people consider putting these have perhaps meant visitors have now become blind to them. That’s not necessarily a reason […]

27 July 2022

Combine Your Blog Post And Email Marketing Strategy For Better Results.

When it comes to writing blog posts, you probably don’t think about them beyond hitting the publish button and promoting them on social media. You may already have an email marketing strategy in place as well but that’s often a completely separate thing. But what if you combined what you do on your blog with your email marketing endeavours? That could be a way to reach your goals […]

27 July 2022

Being Prepared Can Get You More Subscriber And Shares.

Generally, bloggers rely on an opt-in form in their sidebar or header to get subscribers. And that’s okay but it may not bring a torrent of new people joining your list, as you may have discovered. The trouble is though that building your list is paramount if you’re serious about building a business around your blog. Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to correspond with your readers and […]

27 July 2022

Ultimate Social Deux The Ultimate Social Media Plugin.

I mentioned in my last post – Social Media Buttons: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly – that I use a premium plugin for my social media buttons. It’s called Ultimate Social Deux. Over the past few months I’ve tried a number of different options to add those important little buttons on my site. I’ve tried free and premium plugins as well as using code and styling […]

26 July 2022

Social Media Buttons The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

When it comes to social media buttons, there are now so many options out there it’s difficult to know what to use. Do you go for a free plugin, a paid one, adding code to your site, or just leave the buttons off your site altogether? There are pros and cons for all of those options. But how do you decide what’s right for you or whether […]

22 July 2022

The More Things Stay The Same The More They Change.

It’s not far off three years since I started this blog. What started out as a project to win world domination has grown legs and become something to keep me out of mischief. It’s a way I can help people and get to know others who I wouldn’t necessarily meet under normal circumstances. It’s become part of me and a constant in my life. BEING A STAY AT […]

20 July 2022

Is It Okay To Write About The Same Stuff As Everyone Else.

So this is how it goes… You’ve hit a creative brick wall and can’t think of anything to write about so you start looking for inspiration. According to many blog posts I’ve read on writer’s block the sequence now follows this pattern: Come up with a fairly broad but relevant subject; Consider using a content generator to get your headline; Do some keyword research; Locate popular […]

20 July 2022

How To Substantially Grow Your Email list In Just 90 Days.

Can you imagine adding a thousand or more subscribers to your email list in the next 90 days? I know I can. But is that really realistic? I’ve talked about the ideal placement for your opt in forms to get more subscribers and how to add them to your blog exactly where you want. I’ve also mentioned how you can combine your blog posts and email marketing for better results. […]

20 July 2022

Where Does My Blog Go Next.

I’ve been deliberating over the past few weeks how I should take things forward on my blog. Recently a couple of things have happened which made me question everything I’ve been working towards. THE EU STRIKES AGAIN The first was the change to the VAT rules in the EU. I was planning to start offering WordPress setup, help with plugins and coding tweaks as a […]

16 July 2022

Are All Bloggers Created Equal.

It’s funny how certain situations can make or break you. My daughter’s not been sleeping well over the past few nights and I’m tired. I’m sure I could win the grumpiest dad in the world competition even. But it’s also given me some quiet time to think lying awake in the dark. An article I read by Don Purdum at Unveil the Web has been […]