Author: Rahul Garg

27 December 2021

Ransomware To Pay Or Not To Pay Is It Legal Or Illegal.

The large number of cases of victims who decided to pay the ransom after being hit by ransomware do not reflect the best way to use the budgets allocated for cybersecurity or shareholder capital, nor the best way to use the funds provided by the insurance industry. So why have so many companies decided to pay, and what does it take to stop this from happening. […]

25 December 2021

How To Join And Share Latest WhatsApp Groups Links

WhatsApp is a great messaging application. The biggest reason why millions of people trust WhatsApp is that it offers the best service in the internet world and off course it is free for all. WhatsApp is more reliable and efficient in a comparison of several paid and free applications. Today I will be sharing two different guides with you through which you can easily share […]

24 December 2021

Interesting Facts About GB WhatsApp And Its Features.

GBWhatsApp is almost in everyone’s smartphone. Instead of using official WhatsApp, maximum people are using GBWhatsApp. Although it is a mod application of WhatsApp but then too, people are highly attracted towards GBWhatsApp. It is mainly because of the features that GBWhatsApp has. Along with this, GBWhatsApp offer a lot more feature to its users over WhatsApp. Though GBWhatsApp is a mod version, but it is completely […]