16 December 2022

What Is Meant By Web Hosting.

By Rahul Garg

Web hosting can be defined as the platform that lets an organization or an individual upload a website onto the Internet.

The web hosting provider, on the other hand, is a kind of business that provides technological services required for a website to be seen on the Internet.

Websites are primarily hosted on servers.

Every time a user wants to see your website, all they’ll have to do is to type your web address or domain name on their respective browsers after which their device will automatically connect them to your webpage, stored on a server.

Types of Web Hosting      

There are numerous types of services for web hosting available to support your website.

But before entering web hosting services, you should understand what kind of different services your website may require.

Web Hosting is of the following types-

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Dedicated Hosting
  3. VPN Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting
  5. Reseller Hosting

Shared hosting

In this particular hosting pattern, you along with other website owners share one server. It may include sharing a physical server or a software application within a server.

These are highly affordable because in shared hosting, the cost for operating the server may be shared between you along with other owners. The only problem in shared hosting is that the page load time of the website may be low. 

Dedicated Hosting

In this particular hosting environment, you use the entire server by yourself. This may allow faster performance, as you will have the entire server’s resources that too without sharing it with different website owners.

However, one of its major shortcomings is that the cost of a dedicated hosting has to be entirely paid by you.

VPN Hosting

Virtual Private Network (VPN), divides the server resources into many virtual servers, where the resources may be arranged in a way without directly reflecting any underlying hardware.

The users have the opportunity to have their own organised virtual space under the VPN hosting.

Cloud Hosting

This is a kind of hosting platform which offers the opportunity to have highly reliable and powerful hosting based servers.

 A cloud hosting website may always be more efficient than others because other computers not compensating even if a single part of hardware breaks down. Also, any power disruptions from natural disasters may be less problematic for these sites, as they are decentralized from any one server. 

Reseller Web Hosting

This type of hosting allows the clients to be web hosts by themselves. Reseller web hosting functions effectively for individual domains. It can be any combination of the types of hosting mentioned above. 

Where to buy hosting?

Web hosting is mainly provided as a part of an Internet access plan allotted by service providers. There are many providers that offer web hosting such as HostGator, BlueHost, GoDaddy, Google, Globe Host, and many more. 

Customers may need to understand their specific needs when it comes to buying web hosting. Each type of business may require a different type of web hosting depending on a variety of factors. By taking into account the special needs of their businesses, buyers should choose a web hosting accordingly. 

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