27 July 2022

Ultimate Social Deux The Ultimate Social Media Plugin.

By Rahul Garg

I mentioned in my last post – Social Media Buttons: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly – that I use a premium plugin for my social media buttons.

It’s called Ultimate Social Deux.

Over the past few months I’ve tried a number of different options to add those important little buttons on my site.

I’ve tried free and premium plugins as well as using code and styling with CSS to try to achieve what I wanted.

But up until now, I haven’t been completely satisfied with any of the options I tried.


  • It’s as fast as lightning.
  • You can display your social media buttons pretty much anywhere.
  • It uses WordPress best practice.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • It’s inexpensive.

Ultimate Social Deux runs on lightweight JavaScript and CSS meaning it won’t slow your website down. It really does load seriously fast.

With the option to use shortcode, you can add your social media buttons wherever you want them on your site.

The standard before and after posts can be put in place easily via the options as well as a floating social media bar.

A big draw for me is that the plugin conforms with WordPress best practices so it’s less of a security risk.

Nothing’s 100% hacker free but at least you’re on the right track with Ultimate Social Deux!



Under the basic settings tab you can add your Twitter handle, which means when someone shares your stuff on Twitter, your handle will be included in the Tweet.

Some plugins don’t have this option and I know that’s an annoyance for many people who share posts on Twitter.

Good job that Ultimate Social Deux has this covered.

You can also add a default sharing image and if you don’t have Open Graph tags set up already, you can get those added by the plugin as well.


If you want to style the buttons yourself, you can do under Style Settings.

Whether you’re handy with CSS or you just want your Facebook button to be bright pink, Ultimate Social Deux has it covered.

If you’re not familiar with CSS, you can send a quick request to the support desk detailing what you’d like to achieve and you’ll get a response back with the code you require.


Many people use email rather than social media to let others know about cool things they read.

With Ultimate Social Deux, you can add a share by email button so your readers can send an email to their friends about your awesome post.

Not only that but you can set up the email standard wording and it includes a CAPTCHA to stop any spammers.


The placement settings allow you to specify where you want the sharing buttons to show up.

You can add a floating sharebar or add social media buttons above and below your blog posts.

There’s a tonne of other options though such as adding buttons to post excerpts, Pages or many of the other services Ultimate Social Deux integrates with such as WooCommerce.

If you don’t want the count numbers to show, no problem, you can change that at the click of a button along with loads more customization options.


If the size of the pop-up for any of the social media networks isn’t to your liking then you can update it under the Advanced Settings.


The thing about some social media buttons plugins is that they’re not very easy to set up.

That’s not the case with Ultimate Social Deux. You activate it, choose where you want it to show and which social media networks and it’s done.

You can tweak things with or without CSS if you want or add the buttons with shortcode.

The best thing about it though is Ultimate Social Deux is as fast as lightning.


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