16 December 2022

Step-By-Step Guide For You To Add AdSense To Your Website.

By Rahul Garg

We all tend to spend countless hours on our websites in order to create it, design it, update it and optimise it for earning good profits.

Trust me, every day when I wake up in the morning, the first thought that comes to my mind is how can I make my website more profitable and useful for my followers. And as I sleep at night, I wonder how can I earn money simply with the help of my website.

In order to achieve this desire, the first issue that we must deal with is how can we get paid for all our hard work and perseverance that we invest in our sites.

And the solution is simple.

You can earn handsome amounts of money through your website by simply monetising it by adding Google AdSense.

Here’s everything you must know about it.

Let’s get started.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a prolific advertising network developed and run by Google in order to help websites earn a satisfactory amount of money via the display of those Google advertisements which are targeted on their sites.

It is a free method to reap good profits on Google by simply displaying targeted ads on your site.

These advertisements can be of varying shapes, sizes and nature.

It is up to you that whether you’d like your site to display videos, images, texts or interactive ads as your monetization strategy.

It sounds amazing. Right?

However, a pivotal, as well as arguably the most prominent aspect of Google AdSense, is that this tool offers you the chance to not to deal with your advertisers directly on your own.

Google handles all your advertisers on its own if you employ Google AdSense. It is absolutely free of cost and does all the major work individually with any assistance. Google AdSense proves to be immensely effective too as it frees you from the burden of collecting payments or maintaining customer relationships while you are hosting ads. It collects due money from your website advertisers.

32% of the money obtained from ads is kept by AdSense for it’s offered assistance in aiding you in the site monetization process and the rest 68% comes back to you.

In easy words, it charges a bit for offering you help whereas the major sum is reaped by you.

AdSense is very easy as well as a hassle-free method to earn thick money by displaying advertisements on your site.

Trust me, it’s really effective.

How Does AdSense Work?

The mechanisms involved in Google AdSense are quite flexible and easy to follow.

The tool is based upon a simple bidding system popularly known as ‘ad auction’ where the advertisers themselves determine the value of payment they are willing to offer for the placement of their ads on a given website.

All they have to do is to set a maximum bid price as per their convenience.

Google offers the publishers the chance to automatically connect with their advertisers who are crucial for business.

Let me illustrate with the help of an example :

If you desire to run a blog which aims to target girls up to 25 years of age, your site visitors will automatically not witness ads related to pubescent boys.

That’s the beauty of AdSense.

If there is a rise in the numerical value of advertisers and their bid to place their ads on your website, there will be an automatic heightening of the range of bids on your site due to cut-throat competition amongst them.

If that happens, you’ll definitely earn more amount of money as a publisher.

That’s what you want. Right?

But how does it happen?

A tool namely Ad Rank is used by Google to help it determine what types and sorts of ads must appear on your site for reaping maximum benefits.

Ad Rank fulfils the task by multiplying the Cost Per Click (CPC) bid with your quality score so as to reach out to a rewarding result.

Ad Rank = CPC Bid × Quality Score

It is very important to determine the Quality Score prior to comparing it with the bid in order to maintain a fruitful balance in the favour of the publisher.

Quality score is calculated with the help of click-through rates which are already predicted in the past and with the help of other crucial factors such as keywords and past performance.

This in turn also means that if an ad has a high-quality score but comparatively lower bid, it still has a strong chance to win in an auction vis-à-vis other advertisers offering a higher bid.

The underlying principle is simple.

 Google wants a total win-win proposition for your website, for the advertisers as well as for Google itself. It wants to make sure that the displayed ads on your site have higher chances of getting clicked on to help you earn good profits in return.

How To Get Paid With Google AdSense?

The nature of the bids and its types play a major significant role in boosting payments via AdSense.

These types include :

  • Display Ads
  • In-Feed Ads
  • In-Article Ads
  • Matched Content
  • Link Ads

You should choose an ad type which doesn’t harm your user experience at all. 

7 Steps To Add AdSense To Your Website

Follow these simple steps in order to add AdSense to your website :

  • Start by setting up your site.
  • Remember to make your site in absolute compliance with Google AdSense T & C
  • Apply for projecting your site on AdSense.
  • Next up, be pragmatic while configuring your ads on AdSense.
  • Copy-paste the code sent by AdSense on your site.
  • Don’t forget to update the privacy policy on AdSense.
  • Lastly, verify your address.

All these steps can help you earn immense profits through the ads displayed on your website without many efforts.

AdSense hinges upon smart work and not hard work which is why it is highly rewarding.

Get AdSense for your website today and earn good money. If you wish to learn more on how to earn money through your website, Then i recommend you to join Digital Marketing Course or you can also join me on youtube to learn Digital marketing.

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