26 June 2020

Security challenges for new technologies

New technologies expand corporate structures rapidly but at the same time also examine the security experts with new tasks. In this context, a current study primarily mentions data security as a hurdle. It is difficult to clearly determine the beginning and end of digital transformation in companies. Organizations have to adapt to the pace of digitization and the associated changing threat situation. Innovations should be implemented continuously to […]

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10 June 2020

Digitization of B2B Sales

Many industrial suppliers continue to process orders by email and phone. Not only do they miss the signs of the times, they also leave behind sales and cost savings that come with digital order and processing management. With a fully digitized supply chain, the degree of automation and efficiency in companies increase. E-commerce has been established in B2C for years. Many companies make a large part of their […]

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9 June 2020

How to Correct User Behavior in times of Hacking attacks

Data leaks occur more and more frequently. One of the most serious leaks recently came from a hack, causing private information, including letters, chat histories, and even credit card information, to leak to the public. Users should therefore take a few tips to ensure that their and your company’s information will not become part of the next data scandal. Also Read: Awareness-building through live hacking making cyber […]

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5 June 2020

How to Invest in Oil Stock Market

What is the value of oil? How does the price of oil vary? What is the cause of the current fall in oil prices and what will be the consequences? Should we invest in oil in this context? What are the different ways to invest in oil? Also find our comparison of stock brokers to position yourself on this very specific raw material. Explanations and advice for investing in oil […]

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3 June 2020

Awareness-building through live hacking making cyber risks tangible

Despite numerous press reports on security incidents, the risk of cyberattacks often remains very abstract. Live demonstrations of typical hacker attacks show how criminals act and how easily they can often penetrate systems. In this way, they create awareness and make cyber risks tangible. Successful hacker attacks can have significant consequences, as numerous prominent examples show. Most readers will still remember the successful ransomware attack by the extortion […]

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2 June 2020

How to Secure Web Applications

In the course of digitization, web applications have become a business-critical part of IT and thus an attractive target for hackers. You can practically learn how to secure web applications by joining an ethical hacking course. The importance of protecting applications is often underestimated. Companies want to implement their ideas quickly, and security principles are often violated or ignored. They bring minimally functional iterations of a product […]

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31 May 2020


Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, means in Japanese “the balance of graphics at a glance”. A difficult promise to keep in the face of markets responding to more and more short-term catalysts, mistreated or carried by the economic calendar, supported or under the vigilance of the largest central banks. For the purpose of optimal trading, it is important to maximize its timing of entry into position, while developing its […]

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19 May 2020

All About Stock Market

The Stock Exchange brings together agents who have financing needs (supply) and agents who have financing capacities (demand). Confrontation between supply and demand The offer comes from companies or states that have financing needs. They issue financial securities which are bought by investors. Also Read: Determinants of stock market prices and How Stock Market Works The demand comes from people who have financing capacities and who wish […]

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19 May 2020

Top 10 Cyber Security Trends

Do you know the TOP 10 trends in cybersecurity that are about to come ? Cyber ​​crime was a big issue in 2019 and is growing with digitalization. Many companies need a secure IT infrastructure in order to develop and implement new ideas. Join Cyber Security Course in Delhi of DICC to know more about the trends happening in the cyber security world. 10 cybersecurity trends will […]

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18 May 2020

The determinants of stock market prices

In theory, the value of a security (stock or bond) is measured by the present value of the future total return that can be expected. That is to say that we reduce to a value today, the estimated value of the dividends or coupons that we will receive during the entire holding period as well as the gain or loss on disposal that will be […]

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