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DICC covers most advanced and updated course modules that enable the students to become Cyber Security Professional on live projects. Certified Cyber Security Course that we offer is based on CEH (V12) and it is updated curriculum of EC-Councils Cyber security course in Delhi.

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  • LIVE PROJECTS TRAINING: With our classroom training and instructor-led-training, students will be given training on live projects including different CTF Challenges and Bug Bounty Programs.
  • HANDS-ON-TRAINING ON TOOLS: Our Instructors are not only trainers but also experienced professionals. Learn and apply advanced security techniques and tricks.
  • FREE TOOLS, SOFTWARES & STUDY MATERIAL: You will be eligible to get the tools and software which further will make the things easier for you. You will get also get the study material, video lectures, etc.

Get Industry-Specific Certification

Get Trained and Certified By DICC

After the completion of the course, students will also get international certifications as well which will be helpful to get the jobs in the Cyber Security industry.

Officially-Structured Program

The Cyber Security Course of DICC is designed by experts to develop professional skills in the students.

Learn from the Experts

Get Training from the expert Trainers who do have more than 10+ years of experience in IT Secuirty.

Examination Process

Students need to clear the exams as conducted by DICC. Both Practical and Objective Questions.

Get Certified

Students will be awarded certificates after the successful completion of the course & Exams.

What Includes in the Course

Highlights of the Course

Introduction to Cyber Security

The Cybersecurity program prepares students to acquire the knowledge necessary for careers in cybersecurity and penetration testing.

Web Exploitation

Web exploits focus on attacking webapp vulnerabilities. When you finish this program, you will be used to identifying and taking advantage of the OWASP Top 10.

Mobile Hacking and Exploitation

Mobile exploitation includes all the ways someone can force access to your cell phone or communications. This can range from serious security breaches.

Exploiting Operating Systems

There are weaknesses that can be exploited to access the operating system. In particular, it exploits certain vulnerabilities that the system makes available to intruders.

Participating in Challenges

In live cyber range, you can explore and achieve practical goals, in an isolated environment, seek out real challenges never seen before, and build a cyber security foundation.

Malware Research and Analysis

In the process, we analyze and learn how unknown malware behaves. Understand how malware works by setting it up in a boxed VM environment.

Simulating Cyber Attacks

With the DICC Cyber ​​Range, participants experience how cyber attacks are carried out and can put their knowledge and techniques around cyber response into practice.


IoT security is your top priority. From corporate servers to cloud storage, cybercriminals can find ways to misuse information in many places within an IoT ecosystem.

Practice on Different Hacking Tools

We will provide advanced hacking tools and techniques in this course used by hackers and information security professionals.

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International Certifications





  • CEH V12

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Cyber Security Course Content

Why Join DICC?

In recent few years, cybersecurity has become one of the finest options to begin a career with and that is the reason people are considering giving it a try. Well, the prime reason is the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals around the globe to deal with the increasing cybercrimes and other dangerous threats going on in the internet world for the past few years. This is one of the information technology domains which is becoming more and more challenging as time passes. And due to these increasing threat organization as well government agencies are looking forward to experts who can help them tracking these crimes and coming up with the best solution to stop them too. Another reason is that the domain of cybersecurity is quite challenging when compared to all other technologies thus here there is a requirement for more experts with great experience to eliminate unauthorized attacks. Apart from this cybersecurity domain is a great choice to build your career in. There are several courses arranged by various institutes In India that can help you learn the cybersecurity topics important for implementation. Well in such a case the cybersecurity course offered by the Delhi Institute of computer courses (DICC) is one best course that anyone can take up to understand the very technology from depth to the advanced level.

Why one should join the Cyber Security course offered by DICC?

Course Objectives

The successful training and completion of this cybersecurity course will empower the learners and with that, they will understand many other things such as:

Key Features of the Course

You can Work As:

Course Content

Pre-requisites for the Course

Certification and Exams

We are at DICC

Team Members


Mohd. Shadab

Training Mentor

CEH | CHFI | Security + | PENTEST + Qualified. Information security Instructor and a security researcher . Performed Web App. Security assessment, identifying various application related vulnerabilities.Performing Internal and external pen-test

Sujeet Kumar

Training Mentor

CEH(Master), Cyber Security Analyst. Delivering more than 30+ training programs yearly, with 250+ professionals overall, With a fair share of industry experience of around 5+ years delivering training’s and consultation around the globe


General FAQ's About Cyber Security Course

Cybersecurity mainly refers to the method used for finding out about different vulnerabilities, loopholes, threats or some other kind of malicious objects in the system or the digital asserts and with all that information suggest some ways to overcome all the loopholes. In some cases, cybersecurity is often referred to as penetration testing which means solving problems in any digital resource to save the data from any kind of exploitation tried by the hackers.

As per various resources, there are many institutions in Delhi offering cybersecurity courses but the one offered by DICC is one of the best on the whole list. There are so many positive reviews on the course offered by DICC. Apart from this the passed-out students from this institute are in recognized companies and are held responsible for the high post. Good feedback is the main key here.

There are several courses available under Cybersecurity training such as android hacking, web applications security, network security, penetration testing and ethical hacking, CEH etc. and in this, every course have a different time duration for completion. This can be from 3 Months to mostly 1 year. If you are a beginner then the best thing that you can do is to choose a course that covers all topics from beginner level to advance level and at last provides you with a recognized certificate.

The course fee of cybersecurity or network security differs from one institute to other in Delhi but the range is mostly between INR 50,000 TO INR 150,000. If we consider DICC then here the course is offered for INR 49,000 and the time duration is of 6 months in which all-important module from beginners to advanced level is been covered.

If you are someone who has already passed class 12th then you can directly apply in DICC where professional trainers are available to help you learn all about the cybersecurity domain from beginners' level to advance level.

If you have the basic knowledge of HTML, PHP as well networking that is quite good otherwise DICC will help you learn all technologies related from very scratch. There is also one to one practical knowledge shared about software and popular platforms used in the cybersecurity domain.

You can find different platforms from where one can learn all about cybersecurity domain such as YouTube, Udemy, Coursera etc. But the knowledge which is been provided in all these resources is not able to provide practical knowledge to its student in such scenario the course offered by DICC institute provide professional help with practical knowledge making students industrial ready.

The best ethical hacking certification that is globally recognized is offered by EC Council CEH Certificate and to crack this a well-structured course is offered by DICC with proper training support and practical overview.

Student must take up the CEH exam after successful training to become a certified ethical hacker. With course offered in DICC, one can easily crack the exam.

For this, the person must have a bit of knowledge about networking, programming, Linux systems and database with the eligibility of becoming a cybersecurity expert. This is quite handy if someone has done B. TECH, BCA, MCA, M. TECH or any other equivalent in the security-related field.

After completing the cybersecurity course from Delhi the person can be held responsible for different roles and responsibilities in any possible organization. The cybersecurity expert might be responsible for work as a security analyst, handling database, system administrator and network expert. For handling different jobs, the cyber expert must have knowledge about network traffic sniffing, password hacking or cracking, session hijacking, sniffing and spoofing, SQL injection, exploit buffer overflow vulnerabilities etc.

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