24 February 2022

Is The Clock Ticking How To Speed Up Your Time To Market.

By Rahul Garg

The times are such that we are likely to miss the boat if we don’t climb on it early enough. Opportunities fly past like the proverbial butterfly- enticing but elusive. If you are selling stuff on the internet, time to market is possibly the most critical aspect of your strategy. How to get there earliest is important.

No need to dot the I’s and cross the T’s

In internet marketing, it is important not to be a perfectionist. Spending too much time perfecting your website means time lost in gaining viewership. The competition is so fast and furious that before you know it, your competitors have beaten you to it. What you require is a change in mindset. If you were considering a civil project, it would be necessary to have a detailed drawing before starting construction. Obviously, you cannot bring it down after it is half constructed and start all over again. But a website is a different animal. You can create a website and halfway through you can pull it down and create something altogether different. This in fact is the beauty of online business. You don’t need a hundred year perspective. This is where many of us trip up. We look at a website from the prism of traditional business, which is wrong.

Fail and fail fast

The motto should be to do it fast. Even if you fail you must fail fast. You must consider it a learning experience. In a traditional business, you cannot afford to fail because of heavy investments in launching a new venture. Since a lot of money rides on it , it is tough to fail . But internet businesses are not capital intensive. The strength of online businesses lies in the fact that you don’t need loads of money to launch one. But the strength is its weakness too. Since the entry barrier in terms of money is so low, there are many competitors vying for the same space. If you are not sharp and quick on your feet, you are likely to be blown away. Time to market is therefore essential to succeed in this environment. Even if you fail, you will not be finished. You can always get up, shake the dust from your clothes and move ahead.

The learning curve

The learning curve in an online business is very short. If you can’t grasp the concepts fast, you are not made for this business. It doesn’t matter whether you learn the entire gamut of operations. You have to pick yourself up from the bootstraps and learn while on the way. It is a kind of on the job learning. Those who want to become experts first may never be able to launch any online business.


God may be in details for a traditional business but in the case of an online venture, the gods behave a lot differently. Here, gods are in a raging hurry – they want things to be done

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