3 December 2022

Google TV Features Overview.

By Rahul Garg

After entering the mobile market with it’s successful Android-powered gadget Nexus One, Google is now looking forward to another dimension – the TV! Google TV is to be launched in this fall, and there’s already a lot of excitement relating to it on the webosphere. They say that it’s nothing new, and is what other companies like Apple have already came up with. 😛
Here’s the Promo for Apps


Customizable Homepage – You can choose between a lot of possibilities of whatever you can have on the homepage. Remove the things that you dislike, add the ones you love. Have a perfect page you can show off to your guests. 🙂
• Apps – News, Photos, Search, Amazon, you’ve loads of them! Bored of watching, then discover something new.
• Web – Browse, Search, be connected with the World around you.
• Watch TV & Browse – That’s a great thing, you could be viewing Facebook Updates and watching NBA at the same time! Just like the PiP (Picture-in-Picture feature of TVs).
• Control your TV via Phone – You can use your Android Phone or iPhone to control your TV. No more searching for the remote. 😛
• Record from a Searchbar – You get this if you’re a DISH subscriber.
• Create Playlists – Watch this, or that, whichever first, just put them in order!
• Stream Photos – You can view Picasa Albums, photos: yours, or public. Share whatever you see.
• Automatic Updates – You needn’t worry about update releases. Google TV updates over-the-air. 🙂
The features look pleasing. And well, and they say “The coolest thing about Google TV is, that we don’t even know what the coolest thing about it will be!”. That’s good. We can just keep hopes for a revolutionary product from Google till it rolls out. 🙂

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