27 December 2020

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

By DICC Institute

The business world is expanding with a great speed nowadays and for almost every small or even big business the most important thing is the marketing strategy that they opt to promote their product or services. The method used here is however a crucial step towards attracting more and more target audience.  The promotion is important without this the customers will never be able to determine the business carried by the company.  The large companies out there spend millions of dollars on their marketing techniques to convert the huge crowd into their paying customers. The small business, however, has small budget plans to spread their business awareness among the huge target audience. The marketing techniques however are broadly divided into two major categories: The Traditional marketing and The Digital marketing.

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The strategy is different in both aspects but the main factor influencing the choice being made between the two is the cost. The large companies can make use of both techniques but the small ones often have low budgets so choose the affordable way out the two. The investment made here should even help the company to grow in some way. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the difference between digital and traditional markets and among them which one to choose which is, of course, a tough choice to make though. The first marketing technique that we will start from is Traditional Marketing.

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Traditional Marketing:

The traditional marketing technique is the first method the business world considered to be used to promote their product or services among the crowd. This is however a conventional marketing strategy that uses most of the offline tools available to promote one’s business. The advertising techniques are tested by many big companies and have even been used for several years. The internet invention has however changed many things after the 1990s. There are many traditional marketing techniques that we come across in our day-to-day life such as newspaper ads, pamphlets on the street, the poster on different shops and billboards. This is of course a good way to reach the customers in the neighbourhood who are not so much fond of using web technology.

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These are some of the highlights done through traditional marketing method:

  1. Prints ads on Newspapers, magazines, books, pamphlets, brochures etc.
  2. Dashboard ads on flyers and billboards
  3. The ads on TV and radio
  4. Though postcards and emails send directly
  5.  The telemarketing methods such as SMS marketing, calling marketing etc.
  6.  Sales have done though salesman direct face to face

The advantages of Traditional Marketing:

  1. The TV advertisements coming from time to time and the colourful billboard ads are quite simple to understand also this can be kept by the customer over a long time.
  2. The local customer can be easily be attracted by the newspaper ads and the ads being announced on the radio over time to time.
  3. The hard copy ads are even eco-friendly and can be recycled to be used over again and again.

The disadvantages of Traditional Marketing:

  1. There is no direct interaction with the customer, therefore, the response is hard to observe
  2. The advertising done on the TV and radio is quite expensive
  3. The billboard and magazine marketing are mostly not noticed by the user
  4. There are no ways through which the feedback and process made can be determined
  5. The marketing campaigns are quite a huge crowd to handle

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Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a new technique introduced in the business world a few years ago. The techniques have however gained quite a popularity within this small duration of time. Digital marketing techniques cover most of the ways of marketing done through the internet. For these electronic devices are used. At present most of the millionaire companies are using this technique to grow their business around the globe and get the maximum number of employees to use their product or service. With the use of the internet, it’s easy to connect a large number of potential customers. Social media and other relevant platforms make things easy for the customer easy within a short duration of time. E-commerce business is reaching great heights nowadays. The demand for digital marketing is kept on increasing day by day.

  1. According to the research made by IBM company, the majority of people compare anything before buying on the internet
  2. The rating on things and review made by the customer presently using the product or service has made the buyer quite smarter
  3. The e-commerce business is running much more as compared to normal business as it saves a lot of time and provides various options.
  4. The digital marketing strategy is also increasing job opportunities for people across the globe.
  5. Various techniques used are SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, Email marketing etc.

The advantages of Digital marketing:

  1. The interaction without a customer is greater
  2. The ad campaign online has many features like comment, share which makes it quite easy to understand.
  3. Google Analytics will help you measure the effectiveness of online campaigns
  4. The online ads are quite cheaper as compare to the ads on TV and pamphlets

The disadvantages of Digital Marketing:

  1. Digital ads cannot be always present thus are not permanent
  2. They are often ignored by most of the people
  3. Sometimes the ads are quite annoying to even to handle
  4. The online campaigns are quite a time consuming plus if the internet goes off then everything is a waste.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which one will you choose?

The choice is quite difficult to guess but as per most of the people, the results depend upon one’s requirements and objectives. If there is a need to get some local customers, I would say you to go with the traditional method but if the requirement of the potential customer is high then digital marketing is what I will go for. The time is changing, sometimes easy techniques give you good results. Digital marketing, however, is in demand nowadays that makes it a choice to go for. You can also join digital marketing course in Delhi.


The choice is yours and you can choose one which suits your business. So, which one will you choose? I think it’s quite a guess for sure.

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