21 February 2021

Tools for hacking IoT devices

By DICC Institute

The field of IoT (Internet of Things) and the embedded devices is presently becoming a challenge for ethical hackers around the globe. They have been trying to understand the concept of this field and the related vulnerabilities these devices have. So, if a person wants to hack these IOT interfaces or I can say the integrated application that is a must that he possesses an accurate knowledge of domain like python, swift, PHP and many more.  When this programming language is been applied with some popular IoT hacking tools then there are chances that the IoT devices will be hacked somehow. If you among those people who seek the answer to know the popular IoT tools in the market then you are in right place.

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In this article, we are going to discuss some popular IoT tools for hacking. Now there are a lot of people who has this question in their mind that what is the use of these IoT hacking tools. The answer is not difficult to understand. The first thing is that hacking tools make the concept of ethical hacking very much convenient. As through these various, the automating steps become easy to be solved. There are many hackers present out there who make use of these tools for finding the loopholes in many popular devices that need attention from the developer’s point of view. This way the developers will be able to implement a few changes that make the device better than before. With keeping all these important things in our mind let us see some of the popular IoT hacking tools in the market.

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#1. Wireshark:

 The first one we are going to discuss is known as Wireshark. As we have known that almost all IoT devices rely on the network to establish successful communication with each other to share data, exchange information and much more. Therefore, it becomes crucial to find the correct way through which the information-carrying packets can be captured and also through which the network information can be debugged to get known about the necessary vulnerabilities. Keeping these things in mind here is the part Wireshark comes into play. Wireshark has the export object feature using which the hacker can extract all the network communication information. By this collected information using the prep data, the hacker can easily determine whether the attackers are attempting to sniff the traffic of the IoT devices or not. 

#2. Fiddler:

The second tools in the list are popularly known as the fiddler. It is an open-source tool that is used by users to track, manipulate and then reuse HTTP requests. There are many hackers out there who use this for debugging to see the HTTP requests to their particular system in sending it to a site or else to service. Many hackers out there are not aware of the fact that the concept here actually used the HTTP proxy. When you open the settings in the fiddler platform than there is an option available that connection through which the remote connection can be chosen. After completing the following steps, you can proceed by going to your IoT device which will let you configure the proxy and will also show you the IP address as the HTTP proxy. If you carry out all these steps than all the activities thereafter will be performed on the particular device routed via the fiddler. This will even help you to track the traffic going on between the server and the IoT device so that the issues like cleartext can be recognized.

#3. Binwalk:

The third tool in your discussion is known as the Binwalk. This is also a popular firmware extraction tool that was developed back by a person known as Craig Heffner. This is used by many known ethical hackers to understand as well as analyze the firmware associated with a lot of IoT Devices. This helps by retrieving the file system and other data which is been saved inside the firmware once the binwalk is run carefully. Once all the data is been extracted then the tool can be used to analyze any version of the most common binaries to determine is there any corresponding exploit present in the firmware images. The Binwalk use the libmagic. This platform is highly in use nowadays.

All the tools listed above is been used and checked multiple times. There have been great results recognized by the hackers as well the IOT device developers.  


There are many other tools present in the market such as the firm walker, saint, owasp zap, Metasploit’s, and much more. All these tools are used by most of the famous ethical hackers nowadays so that they can find more about the IoT devices and if there is any loophole found then can be rectified by developers as soon as possible. I hope the article was useful to all my readers.

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