7 January 2021

Best Cyber Security Tools in 2021

By DICC Institute

Recently as the health hazard, COVID-19 broke down across the globe every working individual was enabled to work from home. This remote working taking place at the huge number from different states of the country made cybersecurity something that every company started worrying about. The are many reasons behind this concern the first would be the details been leaked by any of the members during the meetings, webinars or a simple discussion this can turn down the strategy the company maintain to be the market for years. Many technologies are making a great move in our lives such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Big data and much more besides all these there are still threats that only cybersecurity could solve.

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There are numbers of websites and apps we make use every day and of course the chances of cyber breaches increase with that. In exchange for money, information and even data there are always chances of getting these cyber threats. The cyber-attacks numbers have increased from the past few years. The successful attacks have resulted in damaging the reputation, financial loss, compromising business ideas and relevant information. The 100% security can never be guaranteed at any cost. Cybersecurity is the only domain present that can almost protect all types of cyber threats from happening. This prevents the unauthorized access of any type of hacker that tries to steal our online information or money. This brings cybersecurity into the limelight. To prevent cybercrimes, threats or any other things to happen there were certain rules been made that is followed without any type of mistaken. One such thing is penetration testing. Let’s understand what does it mean.

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What is penetration testing?

The term penetration testing can be defined as a kind of security test that is been carried out to check and access the security of the system including the hardware, software, information system or the network environment. The reason behind such testing is to look at all the security risks that can be found on a particular App or a website. This will safeguard the data from any kind of hacker around. In this test, regular attempts are made on several sites with various kind of threats to understand them perfectly.

Now moving forward, we are going to look at various cybersecurity tools in the year 2021: Learn all these tools practically with the cyber security course in Delhi.

Some of the best cybersecurity tools of 2021:

#1. Nmap:

The first cybersecurity tool in the list is known as Nmap. The Nmap is also known as network mapper as its full form. It’s an open-source as well as a free security scanning tool used for any kind of security auditing and network exploration. The working is enabled is various platform such as Linux, HP-UX, Solaris etc. This tool is capable of detecting what the host is accessing on the network, what operating system they are running, what type of service is been provided by the host, what is the kind of firewall, as well as the packets, are been used and much more. There are many networks and system administrators who find these tools quite impressive to be used in their regular jobs such as managing the open ports, maintain various services ports and use it upgrade the schedules easily. The tool comes with both GUI interface as well as the command line.

#2. Wireshark:

This tool is considered as one of the most impressive tools as per many of its user. It is freely accessible. It is an open-source pen-testing tool. Ther is a general use of this tool as the network protocol analyzers which allow the user to capture and coordinate to browse the running traffic on the system network. There are several platforms in which it runs such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, NetBSD, FreeBSD and much more. This tool is extensively used by many professionals like educators, security experts, network professionals etc.

#3. Metasploit:

This tool can be defined as one of the computer securities projects that offer the user a piece of great and vital information about various kind of security. This tool is open-source pen test. It is a kind of development platform that offers the user to access the recently used exploit code currently been used on various platforms. There are many jobs which can be maintained using this tool. It also has a command-line and graphical user interface that is capable of working on various platforms such as Apple, Mac OS. It’s a commercial tool but the trial version comes as the open sources.

#4. Netsparker:

This is tool is also a commercial security tool that is also popularly known as the web app security scanner. This tool is very much accurate, automatic and even simple to use unlike most of the complex tools in the market. This tool is also used to identify various security risks like cross-site scripting and even the SQL injection. There are reports prepared by this tool that is accurate in giving false positives. It is sure that with this app much of your time is not going to be wasted.


All the above cybersecurity tools are impressive kindly do use these tools in your day to day lives to be aware of many security threats going on.

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