7 January 2021

Parrot OS vs Kali Linux

By DICC Institute

There are a lot of professional out there in the competitive world which use the Linux for many purposes such as security testing, penetration testing, ethical hacking and most important of all is as an operating system based on their preference. Linux is easy to go if used after proper understanding in the first place. It offers a variety of distribution that is quite flexible to use and even customize. The customization mainly depends on the user end. There is two distribution mainly considered for penetration testing purpose which is Kali Linux and Parrot operating system. Before knowing which, one is best to be used let’s understand each of them quite nicely.

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What is Kali Linux operating system?

This operating system is mostly used for ethical hacking. This is funded and properly maintained by one of the most information-based training company. This is also kept under the offensive security that is important for sure. This is Debian-based Linux distribution that was build will much-advanced penetration testing and a lot of security auditing from all the ends required. One can say that it is just a primary server but the task for which it is used are quite important that is for sure. There is so many task Kali Linux is been used for such as information security task, penetration testing, reverse engineering, computer forensics and much more than that.

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What is Parrot operating system?

This is a free and open-source operating system that has managed to gather a lot of user from the time it has been introduced. This is mainly used by security professionals. Just like the Linux, this is too a Debian based Linux used as an alternative like Kali Linux operating system. Here the term Debian based confuse a lot of people well it means the code libraries that is been developed and followed used Debian based development. One can say it as a complete guide that can be used for protection and security operations. Apart from this, there is everything required to develop your programs as well to defend your network while you surf the web. This is the reason it’s one of the best-operating systems. 

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Let’s now discuss the features of both the operating systems to understand each of them better:

Features and advantages of the Kali Linux operating system:

#1. Customizable option:

The design in which be obtain the Kali Linux system is not that impressive that is the reason the customization option is been made available. The default version can be changed accordingly as per the user’s requirement.

#2. Open source and free:

This operating system is free and can be downloaded as the user requires it. Apart from this, all the libraries and as well as the repositories are available in the open-source for viewing purpose.

#3. The Multilingual support:

The penetration testing tools of Kali Linux operating system are mainly written in the English language but as it supports the multilingual that the reason it the language is been set as per the user preference.

#4, Wireless support in the device:

This operating system has always supported external wireless devices. The number of devices it can support depends on the user requirement.

Features and advantages of Parrot Linux operating system:

  1. The first feature that should be highlighted that parrot Linux operating system is free. The source code can be reviewed as can be modified as per the user’s preference.
  2. This operating system is considered to be lightly weighted as this runs incredibly quick in most of the old devices too.
  3. The Parrot Linux operating system is also considered as one of the best-operating systems in the market as it considered to be secure. It is all revived which is published regularly and even protected which makes it fully controlled under us.

Kali Linux operating system vs the Parrot Linux operating system:

Both the operating system mentioned above is used for testing in cyber security and even for penetration testing as well. The use is done by most of the professional worldwide let’s see some of the similarities and differences in both the operating system.

Similarities in both:

  1. Both the operating system is heavily used for penetration testing
  2. When we talk about the architecture then both the operating system accepts 32 and 64 bits
  3. Each operating system provides the cloud VPN
  4. The development is based on Debian development for both the operating system.

Differences in both:

Kali Linux operating system:

  1. The graphical acceleration is a must in this operating system
  2. There is a requirement of at least 20 GB space for its installation
  3. There is a requirement of 1 GB of RAM in the device you choose to use with this operating system.
  4. There is also the need of dual-core processor for 1 GHz is a must

Parrot Linux operating system:

  1. The graphical acceleration is not at all required here in this operating system
  2. There is a requirement of 16 GB of space is required for installation to take place in the hard disk
  3. The RAM requirement is pretty less 320MB is quite appropriate here
  4. There is also the need of dual-core processor for 1 GHz is a must


Both the operating system mentioned above is quite useful. I hope some of your doubts are cleared after reading this article.

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