31 December 2020

Top 5 Diploma Courses in Cyber Security

By DICC Institute

The cybersecurity sector has grown broad in the past few years which has made this sector to be one of the fast-emerging and top-paying industries around the globe. In the year the market in search of people good in cybersecurity and offered them get a position in companies with a high salary. The market in this domain only cost about 132 million dollars. There are so many vacant positions still in the market demanding cybersecurity professional as there is drastic need of this workforce for many important things to be implemented in this fast-growing population. 

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The cybersecurity graduates as well as diploma holders have a direct entry on the position of information security. For one’s career, this is quite impressive, I guess. But the main question is which all programs are the best in cybersecurity one should opt and from which institution worldwide. Well, if there is such question win your mind then I guess you are at the correct address in this article I would be discussing top 5 institution offering courses in cybersecurity across the globe. If you are looking to join cyber security course in Delhi than choose DICC.

Let’s start the list of top 5 Cyber Security Courses

In this, there are programs from institution across the globe covering UK, Europe, the United States etc.

#1. Oxford cyber futures:

This is the first program I would like to mention on the list. The oxford cyber future is the new online programmed designed by the oxford university in to make some business leader ready. This program has a great syllabus about the industries to make the student acquire the knowledge for becoming a cybersecurity expert. The self-paced study pattern is will teach the students about teamwork and decision-making strategy important in the cybersecurity field. Students will cover the basics of cybersecurity, the foundation of cybersecurity, about digital privacy, net neutrality, data governance features, artificial intelligence and most importantly the concept of digital hacking.

There would a unique cyber simulation attack arrange in which the student will participate to get the real-world experience. In this, they would be assigned the role of the senior executives of the company and to their job to protect data and information from getting leaked, stolen and misused by the third party. This will enhance the skills within the student making them ready for the universities.

#2. Abertay University: 

This university is in Scotland that offers an undergraduate as well as a diploma course in cybersecurity. The program offered here is quite popular in the educational sector. This is the world first university to provide a degree in ethical hacking and cybersecurity. The program was firstly introduced in the year 2005 since then a lot of students has pursued this course and are now working in reputed companies like Google, HP, Microsoft etc. The course offered has a set of patterns to follow. Making the students ready for the fight in the sector.

 There are some offensive techniques as well in which penetration testing digital forensics, information security management, malware detection, scanning of the port, cracking of passwords like topics are covered in broad platforms and regular test are conducted to test the students understanding about the knowledge.

#3. Swiss federal institute of technology:

The institute is one of the world-leading institute popularly known for the program ETH program in cybersecurity. The students here are provided with world-class knowledge and real-time experience to tackle the problem. In the program there is base knowledge of computer science along with Avant –grade cybersecurity practices are taught. There are so many things to learn such as cryptography, system security, wireless security, security engineering, network security and even much more.

There is a hard level of test arranged that check the student’s ability to solve the given problem under a lot of pressure. This the way they can come with the excellent cybersecurity experts who are fully ready to stop the various cyber-attack on almost anything someone can guess.

#4. Boston University:

This university offers several cybersecurity programs. The main focus is to make the students firstly lean computer science advance subjects like cryptography and network security. There are lots of things to cover under this while the basics are the most such as Operating systems, Database, Networking that further go in-depth to cover digital forensics system security, wireless security, security engineering, network security and even much more.

There are research groups made up in which students are divided into several groups and learn about new tricks to be good in the field of cybersecurity. One need advanced knowledge to complete the course and be the professional.

#5. Carnegie Mellon University:

This university lies in the USA. It is the institution at the fourth-front courses in cybersecurity offering several masters and diploma program in cybersecurity. The courses are information security, cybersecurity policy and management have so much to cover in there. There are so many students passed from here currently working in various big companies worldwide such as Google, HP, Microsoft etc.

There are unique labs here to train the student to be the best in the course. The syllabus is vast covering all regular to advance topics from start to beginning. The student is also given the companies tour to see how the work is managed and done.

Apart from all the above-mentioned courses from a different institution, there are other five institutions whose courses are quite famous around the globe. These colleges also offer different cyber security programs making the student industry-ready. The name follows as:

  • Imperial College of London
  • The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands
  • De Montfort in the UK
  •  George Washington University in the USA
  • Jonh Hopkins university


I hope the above article helps you in selecting the courses. Happy learning 

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