31 December 2020

Cyber Security Certification Courses

By DICC Institute

As today’s technological business landscape is evolving with such a great speed there is quite a drastic growth in the IT security breaches across the world. As time passes the level of the increasing threats are becoming more and more advanced which makes it harder for the government agencies and enterprises to find the solution of. Today the certification courses in cybersecurity are becoming more popular that is the reason most of the student take it to get a good knowledge altogether. There are all sorts of small as well as big companies look for the people having great skills in cybersecurity to hire them for their enterprise.

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 There are quite popular certification courses such as CEH, CISSP, CCNP, CCSP, CISM and much more than these. These courses are professional ones having the test conducted every year. By taking these professional courses the students learn about various important topics such as knowledge of application security, cloud security, data integrity, cryptography, network security, identity and mange of access and much more than this. When it is about cybersecurity then there are various platforms available that offer many good certification courses too. According to most of the surveys done, it’s quite obvious that the cybersecurity domain is ruling over the market in terms of demand as well in high paying jobs. The shortage of cyber professionals is quite threatening to today’s world as every day millions of hackers around the globe trying to stole, leak and to inappropriate things with a huge amount of data and information. Cyber-attack is increasing and much of us don’t know how to even recognize it in the first place. People are unaware of how bad things can go it any of their personal or financial information is leaked around.

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There are several advantages to taking these courses:

  1. You are up to date in today’s highly competitive world of business environment by taking the certification as people would not be able to make fool of you as you will be having accurate knowledge with you.
  2. Industry recognized certification in cybersecurity will make you ready to work under the professional cyber workforce.
  3. There would be sure passion and commitment today your work.
  4. As per the certification syllabus, the enterprises will secure you with great job opportunities
  5. By getting trained in such an important domain you will be part of one important workforce that is responsible for stopping the cyberattacks in the business enterprise.
  6. There would be a great amount of knowledge and practice within you makes you intelligent and someone who is of some use in the world.

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Cybersecurity certification process:

  1. Select a relevant certification which is recognized in the cyber industry as one of the good one.
  2. Most of the certification is with some payment to conduct the test
  3. Go through the syllabus patiently understanding everything in brief
  4. Clear your doubts with the professional if needed.
  5. Go through some of the online blogs currently published having the information of something new happened or been introduced in the field of cybersecurity.
  6. Prepare for the exams by solving previous year papers and by taking the mock test from time to time.

Now I would like to mention some of the exams in brief:

Certified courses in Cyber Security

Below are some of the well-known certification courses taken by a large number of individual as well as professional every year to become a recognized certificate holder who would be able to pursue their upcoming career in cybersecurity domain:

#1. CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker:

This certification is quite popular worldwide. In CEH the participant may understand weaknesses and even the vulnerabilities of an enterprise and then will be targeting the system being a white-hat hacker which is of course a legal way of hacking. This course is mostly for security professionals and network administrators.

#2. CISSP – Certified Information System Security Professional:

This is quite a popular course to take up among the professional people around the globe. Well, it is provided by a non-profit organization which is known as ISC2. The professional who is taking up these tests would be gaining great knowledge on threats secure infrastructure and much more.

#3. CCNP – Cisco Certified Network Professional Security:

This is one of the globally recognized certification quite popular among the people. It has high value and recognized by most of the company as a good certificate to hold. The job is offered by cisco if you hold this certification. A network security engineer is the position offered if the certification is been carried by you. 

#4. CISM – Certified Information Security Manager:

This certification is offered by ISACA. The professional with this certification is in demand in various enterprises.

#5. CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor:

This certification is also been offered by ISACA. It is quite popular worldwide and is in great demand too. The people with certification can be used for monitoring, controlling auditing and much more in enterprises.


All the above-mentioned certification is quite popular worldwide so if any individual is playing to start the career ahead in cybersecurity then they should try to clear any of the above according to their preference of job and can also join cyber security course from DICC to get the complete understanding of the concepts of cyber security.

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