10 May 2020

Why Programming is important for Hackers

By DICC Institute

Being a hacker seems to be a dominant position with so much to explore at your fingertips. But are there any prerequisites for being a good pirate? Or can you acquire enough knowledge to become a good hacker?

What most people do not realize is that being a hacker is not a singular field, you must also have a solid command of programming. In this article, we will explain why programming is the most necessary skill for a hacker.

Ask a layman to learn how to hack and it will take centuries to learn even the simplest of tricks, on the other hand, ask a person with a real interest in the Internet and programming and he will do miracles. This is what is the most sought after quality of a hacker. A solid programming base and a curious attitude.

Why should a hacker be a good programmer?

A good hacker is expected to have the ability to understand and code in C, Python and JAVA. C being the core of UNIX is highly recommended. Where are they used? Well, in fact everywhere! These are the languages ​​that allow you to experiment with existing code by injecting virus extracts and poisoning the data flows thus disrupting the servers. Hacking on the server largely depends on the efficiency with which a code snippet is written and injected.

How Programming helps hackers?

From web application security to network application security, anything and everything is about coding. In addition, having an expert programming hand gives you an advantage and makes you independent to design your attack accordingly. Hackers work anonymously and this is their greatest strength.

Having a good knowledge of creating malicious applications can help you destabilize entire platforms with a little help from hacking tools. Many hacking tools available for free on the Internet to help you a little on your adventures, but you can also buy hacking tools for specific target operations.

How to become a programming expert?

Even after having these tools, you should know how to operate the web. For this reason, Python is considered the best option. Although it is at a certain advanced level, python offers the perfect tools to accomplish your task without leaving a trace of your identity.

Experts believe that the best way to learn Python is to apply what you know through a project with a simple goal and increase complexity over time.

Learning and practicing exercises from a book or learning it from a tutorial available on Amazon can provide you with a good foundation. Some people also try python.org or you can directly join DICC ethical hacking course to learn ethical hacking straight from the beginning to advanced levels. The sources are endless; you just need to take an initiative.

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