9 January 2021

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Ethical Hacking

By DICC Institute

The world of technology and sciences are observing new and advance tools making an entry in the domain every day. There are a lot of competitions that is been held up by these entries. The artificial intelligence is changing every aspect of our lives in one or other way around. There are a lot of IT companies around that has developed artificial intelligence-enabled cybersecurity solutions that can be used to carry out various penetration as well as security testing. The defence solution has been developed by the combination of artificial intelligence and ethical hacking is quite impressive to hold and use. All these solutions are useful in preventing any kind of cyber-attack from happening by the use of regular prediction and planning against the potential risk. The happening can be dangerous for many important fields like education, medical, financial and even much more. There are lots of App that we use nowadays for almost everything. All these apps have some kind of artificial intelligence been embedded inside making many things easy going. As the technology keeps on upgrading now it’s even possible to connect various electrical devices to one other over the internet and then personalize it as per your preferences to create a smart environment.

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All these are merely possible due to the new introduction of 5th generation network speed with a lot of application of machine learning embedded inside as a helping resource. The rapid growth of such technology is great as the new security system can even be formed using theses without many difficulties. Many of us have this question like how artificial intelligence is going to affect the cybersecurity field. As the use of artificial intelligence made most of our task automated which by the way is a great and amazing change to see. All these apps with have the AI intelligence is used in almost all the fields such as medical, financial, educational as well as in the military. The data that we obtain from all these smart devices is been collected by the help of various sensors such as heat, light, speed, weight or even noise. Here the machine learning technology is been directly or indirectly connected to the security been embedded in all these smart devices for the purpose to provide security to user data or information in the first place. Extensive progression is made in the field of artificial intelligence which is quite a thing to make note of.

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As the modern devices used today is connected over the internet which is a high risk the artificial intelligence solution is something that could prevent something dangerous before it happens.  There is even the question asked like how the hackers use the technology of artificial intelligence. Well, the thing is not that easy to answer as there are a lot of techniques this hacker comes up to hack almost anything possible from there end.  There is various artificial intelligence been set up with our smart device as they are involved in huge sort communication 24/7 under the connection with a strong network? There is sending and receiving so much of data or information that to automatically over the secure cloud server that is strongly secured using the IoT intelligence. There is robotic process maintained that is used to understand all kind of data or information been circulated and is even analyzed so that it could remain secure and untouched before been extracted for further use by the user. Here everything remains out the risk of getting hacked in between or other two sides by a hacker.

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There is always a challenge that keeps on arising about the safety of sending confidential data to the servers as there are potential risk present such as hackers stealing these data leaving the user at the risk of privacy which is quite dangerous if properly thought so. As most of us are regular users of the web there is the most common source we use here is the internet. And all kind of cybercriminals or I can say crooks have a maintained nature of finding several mechanisms that they use regularly to forgetting the sensitive details from user end without even giving them a hint that something wrong has taken place. Phishing is the most common way to do all these things without letting the target even know his/her mistake. There are methods used to do this such as fake SMS, phone call, Mail, through various shopping sites and even the survey and mini click on some small quiz to earn money. But as soon the users enter their details like credit card or debit all these go directly in the hands of these hackers which make use of the user credentials to transfer all the money to their side and then use it for their usage. Data theft has increased in many ways as human we make some stupid mistakes that should be prevented in the first place. This artificial intelligence tool helps us to be away from such sites which aren’t secure and even warn us before adding our card or entering credentials. These ways the theft is kept in control but still, there is a need for human correction too.

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