15 January 2022

Ways To Update Old Blog Post To Increase Traffic.

By Rahul Garg

So many bloggers including me are neglecting our own traffic driving resources (old blog posts).

When I started my blogging career I don’t know how to write articles but I managed to write more than 40 articles in 3 months when I go back and read those old articles I came to know there were so many grammatical and spelling in those articles and some of the articles are below 600 words.

Like me, you too have some thin posts on your blog which you are neglecting from long back, just imagine if you get some small amount of traffic to your blog posts regularly to your blog then your blog’s overall traffic will boost like anything, we know traffic brings new subscribers, sales, income to us.

Today I thought of sharing some tips on updating old blog posts to increase traffic to your blog because recently I started implementing this method for my blog and witnessing the results.

Ways To Update Old Blog Posts

Update Content

We know we wrote those articles without in-depth knowledge about the subject and we gained so much knowledge in-between by reading so many articles on the internet, so updating your latest knowledge and technological advancements in those articles helps readers to know larger information than previous articles.

When we update content Google considers it as fresh updated content and sends some organic traffic to our blog, recently some of my posts started ranking on the first page when I updated my old posts, so don’t neglect to update the old content with your latest knowledge.

Customize Images

Images play an important in bringing the traffic to our blog from social media especially Pinterest, I was used plain images on my old posts without any text or logo on it and never concentrated on fixed image dimensions for featured post images, but now all my featured post images are 700 x 380.

Now I learned how to use PicMonkey and Canva for my blog post images and came to know more resources information where I will get high-quality royalty free images, check your old images if you feel they need some makeover replace it with new images.

Be cautious in replacing the images on WordPress because every image on WordPress has its own unique URL and many images of our blog is indexed in Google images.

Interlink New Articles

Usually, we do interlink old posts links in our new articles but we never concentrate on interlinking new article links on our old articles where we are missing a lot of link juice when it comes SEO perspective.

Interlinks are very useful to keep our blog audience to stay on our site for a longer time, start adding links to your old articles, keep this interlinking strategy on your monthly SEO action plan to improve rankings.

Lengthen Content

We know lengthy content attracts quality backlinks and readers establish trust if we cover full information in single article, I am not saying to increase the length of every article but keep one minimum words target for every article published on your blog, I kept 1000 words as rule of thumb for every article and I am sticking to it.

My initial days of blogging my words target per article was 700, but now I am updating all my old articles to reach minimum 1000 words per article benchmark.

Proofread Content

I don’t know the proofreading importance when I started my blogging career and continued to post articles on my blog with a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes, later I realised and started using Grammarly for error-free writing.

Whenever I interact with a new blogger my first question to him is “are you proofreading your article before publishing it, most of them said they are not proofreading their articles.

So proofread your articles properly to make sure all your old articles doesn’t contain any spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Tweak Titles

Even if we rank on the first page of Google, click through rate depends on our title, until unless it looks compelling and problem-solving nobody is going to click our link.

The Same method implies to social media also, so we have to choose compelling and problem-solving titles for our blog article, as per the study 90% people looks at our titles and decides whether to read that article or not.

Mr. Neil Patel is the best example to follow in this regard, he wrote one article about how to write compelling headlines for your blog post to improve traffic, check out this article to learn and practice writing headlines.

Tweak Meta description

Meta description doesn’t have any SEO value at present but still it improves click through rate in SERP(search engine results page), title and meta description are the visible parts of our content in SERP if we spend some time on updating it then we can increase our CTR for our organic results.

Add LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are very important to improve our keyword rankings in Google, initial days of my blogging I never concentrated on adding LSI keywords to my article, now I am implementing this strategy on every article.

I wrote one article on what is LSI keywords? how to find LSI keywords and adding those LSI keywords into an article please do check it to know much more information about it.

Before updating any old article first list out LSI keywords related to that article and add those keywords into the article without disturbing the natural flow of the content to improve keyword rankings on Google.

Remove Spam comments

As a blogger, we are more concerned about our new blog posts to monitor and engage with the comments, but we may miss spam comments deletion for our old articles, so check for the spam comments and bad links in the comments if you find any doubtful links in the comments delete them immediately.

Repurpose Content 

Repurposing is the best way to reach a wide range of audience when I started my blog I never repurposed my content into different platforms like videos, SlideShare, so check whether you can repurpose those old content into different formats or not, if possible, do it to reach more audience. 

Conclusion: I hope this article how to update old blog posts to increase blog traffic will help you to gain some traction in overall traffic to your blog if you need any help regarding this topic, be in touch through the contact form.

I am requesting you to kindly share your opinion and experiences about this topic in the comments section so that other readers can get value out of it.

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