14 January 2022

Tricks To Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page With 1 Click.

By Rahul Garg

Do you want to know the trick of how to invite all friends to like your Facebook page? then go through this article to get the information you need.

Facebook is one of the best platform and best social media to interact with friends, relatives and etc.We can easily create Facebook just in a fraction of seconds. Facebook which has come with complete profile details including pages, groups and etc

Facebook helps to connect with people and helps in developing and to promote our business. To develop the business, we need likes from our friends, but it’s not easy to send the inviting message for every of our friends. It’s not easy sending 1000 invites for 1000 friends by every click, it doesn’t work out practically.

How To invite All Friends To like Facebook page With Single Click?

There are two main tricks and useful methods to invite friends on Facebook in a single click and going to the first one.

  1. Firstly Click on Add to chrome and add invite all friends on Facebook extension and download extension from the web store.
  2. After adding it to the chrome, let’s do the real thing.
  3. Log in to your Facebook account, after that you are able to see a tick on top right corner
  4. Go the page you wanted to invite your friends and click on it.
  5. Should wait till the extension send the invites to your friends
  6. You will get a notification “invite and send to all friends”.

Note: There are many ways to invite friends on Facebook just by single click but, this is one of the easiest following methods to invite friends on Facebook in a single click. Just follow the instructions by step by step in the same order.

I personally suggest you that this will be an easy one and save out so much of time by inviting friends on Facebook by one click.

This is one of the procedure you would get the clear idea about sending invites to your friends with a single click. After reading this one of the uses you will get to know about extension very well, you can rate it after using it so that you will get a notification.

Coming to the second type of How to invite all Friends to like Facebook page

Use the follow steps carefully for inviting friends on single click:

  1. This is one of the simple tricks to invite friends for one single click, here we use a JavaScript which automatically uses the task for you. Every browser such as Google chrome, Mozilla, safari, opera mini has the ability to use and run this JavaScript. This automatic function is useful to run javascript. Here are steps are given below. So follow it carefully
  2. Login to Facebook and select the page which you want to invite your friends. Click on the page which you want to invite, there you will find an invite option below the profile picture of the home page. If you were the admin of the page you selected, you will find the option beside the message option.
  3. You should log into your account while using the page and invite the friends. When you noticed that you can’t find invite friend’s option. Type the URL of the page and can do as per given to the point.
  4. Now you can find a big list of your friends. put the cursor on the top and just drag down to the last friend in the list.
  5. Now click Ctrl+shift+J which can be opened in the JavaScript page. Ignore all the warnings and notifications appear on the page. You have to paste the bar code correctly with all the curly brackets and full stop too

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

After pasting the given bar code into the console box .Invitation for all the friends will send successfully.

Note: This is one of the simple ways, where you can invite your friends to Facebook in a single click, though it is little bit lengthy process. It makes sure that you will be able to do such step by step in the order given.

You have to use little bit code language for the processing during first, but automatically you will like to do in this way while you are inviting friends on Facebook in a single click. This way would be easier for the people on Facebook, who are using it.

Conclusion: I am sure about these two ways of inviting friends on Facebook in a single click, which would lead to being easier. So personally recommend having look on both ways. This article would be easier to follow the instructions of inviting friends to Facebook in a single click.

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