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24 December 2020

Career and Scope in Stock Market

By DICC Institute

The Stock market is a huge platform which has vast career options available in different domains. The equity market has opened lots of career options in the past few years. This market is getting bigger day by day and the opportunities of employment grow in such an environment. Whether you belong to a technical background or from commence and even arts are showing a lot of interest in pursuing their career from the Stock market. At one end people want to start working independently in this platform while on the other side a huge number of start-ups are coming up with the idea to get started with this platform directly or even indirectly. There are even some startups that are coming with innovative to secure the Indian stock market. A career in the stock market is mainly selling and buying stocks for clients according to preference.

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In this article we will discuss some of the best career opportunity in the stock market, the amount of salary offered and eligibility one should meet to get started.

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While planning a career in the stock market most of the people prefer the role of a stockbroker. All the opportunities in the market here are quite competitive to survive and then to stay in the role. The factor risk is however a critical hurdle lying in the way of deciding the career and pursuing it. But apart from this, the role has always excited a large number of people mainly due to the huge revenue and the never stopping growth. One should have the idea that the Indian stock market is full of unusual surprises in which the correct direction to decide is most important as that would surely lead to a successful career in the coming future.

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Starting the career in the Indian stock market need you to have some detailed knowledge in the field of Sensex and nifty. Also, here there is a huge possibility of career up and down so the proper mindset is what required at the first place. The population of Indian is huge but the participation of people is low as compare to all other developed countries this is mainly due to low knowledge about the huge opened sector. The few career option that one can opt is listed below:

#1. Stock Broker:

The first option is the Stockbroker. As we are already aware that if someone wants to trade or invest in the stock market then he/she must have a trading account which in the market is offered by Stock Broker. As the population of India is huge and many people are looking for a Stockbroker which makes this career option quite nice to opt for. To pursue the career as a stockbroker or open a stockbroker entity there is not a strict eligibility criterion in academics one should clear the NISM exam and get the license from SEBI. Apart from this practical knowledge which is must in this job there should a minimum of 5-year experience gained while working within some professional. There are some minimum passing criteria to be achieved in 12th and graduation in accounting, economics or financial field is preferred. The course such as CFA, CA OR FRM is having smooth scope in this career opportunity.

#2. Investment Advisor:

The second popular option is an Investment advisor. This is more of a consultancy post in the financial market as an advisor, guide.  in this job the part is coming up with the great idea to prepare a customized financial plan, providing consultancy, on money management and investing field and also educating people about the financial scheme going on for making out good money. Here for becoming the investment advisor, one should have education and certification criteria which are graduation from finance/commerce field with at least 5-year experience in any financial company. Apart from these degrees (engineers), the people need to clear SEBI with experience in the financial field for 5-year at least. CA, CFA or CFP has smooth flow here too.

#3. Research Analyst:

 The third option here research analyst. Apart from the advisor post, this career option is quite a lucrative option to opt. This research field consists of two main underlines which are buy-side research and sell-side research. In the former cases, the researcher work lies in the financial service support which directly invests people money in the stock market. Here the proper research is been carried out for helping the fund manager and then taking relevant decisions with the respect of managing the financial assets available. The post is also available to work as an individual and the eligibility criteria are same as the investment advisor. Here the MBA (Finance) graduates from tier-one institution also have career opportunities.

#4. Portfolio Management:

The fourth option is the portfolio management services known as PMS. We are aware of the fact that the investment is managed by skilled portfolio managers with years of experience. Portfolio management services are quite rewarding career option if one is good at managing money and also carry out strong knowledge about the financial market. For entering in this field there is the requirement of a professional qualification like CA, CFA or MBA (finance). The other relevant thing that matters here is the concept of experience as a fresher the field is quite hard to acquire. The experience needed is quiet for some years and great exposer to the financial field in the current market. The marketing and research experience should be around 5-10 year at least.

Apart from all the option available above, there is another career option also available in the stock market such as market researcher, trader etc.


In the article I have to cover all most précised options available apart from this the people who are planning to opt for a career in finance and marketing should have good knowledge amount the financial market. There should be theoretical knowledge but real exposure also has a vital role to play here.

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