30 January 2021

How to Invest in Mutual Funds

By DICC Institute

A mutual fund can be defined as one of the investment schemes through which the money can be collected from varies people and then can be invested in various assets present in the market. This money is invested as funds. All the funds that have been raised from people are invested in services like financial securities such as shares and also in money market instrument called a certificate of deposit and bonds. Asset classes broad classification is mainly known as equity, debt and money instruments. Also, all these deposits can be made for long, medium and short terms depending on the need in the market. This would be true to say that the kind of assert helps in determining the risk factor of the fund being raised. In this article, we are going to discuss how investment can be done under mutual funds. As per a survey been conducted all the knowledge regarding the investment is not very clear in the market which one of the way people are scared of the schemes from where a good amount of money can be proposed. People feel that their investment will never be returned but the truth is almost the opposite to be heard.

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Let us see why a person should invest in mutual funds:

  1. Professional management is available that keeps the track of the market. This is the way you would be investing in a place where there are high chances of getting a good profit. 
  2. Higher returns are one of the greatest reason people get involved with mutual funds. As compared to all the fixed deposits, recurring deposit mutual funds offer all kind of better returns.
  3. Diversification is also a great reason. Here there are so many assets are present in which you could invest based on its position in the market.
  4. The domain also offers great convenience as to when you invest in the mutual fund then it’s done quickly without any kind of trouble means hassle-free and also is a very simple procedure to follow.
  5. Mutual funds allow you to invest from a very low cost which is affordable to many of us.

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How to Invest in Mutual Funds:

Before moving to how we can invest in mutual funds let us try to keep some of the important points in mind. These steps will help you decide where to invest and of course when to invest:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to find the purpose of your investment. This question can clear many doubts about investors. You need to come with the goal of your investment. These goals can be buying a house, money for a child’s education, for some special occasion such as wedding, retirement etc. If there is no specific goal specified then also you must be clear how much money from your wealth would you able to invest here and also for how much time.
  2. The second important thing will be filling out all the necessary information for you becoming a potential customer. These are mainly known as the KYC details. For investing in mutual this is kind of important. The documents asked are copies of PAN card, proof of your residence, age proof, proof of nationalism etc.
  3. The third thing is to be aware of all the ongoing scheme so that nobody makes a fool of you when you in the market as an investor. Various fake people can trap you with unknown company names and then vanish like anything.
  4. The fourth and most important thing is known about the risk associate with mutual funds. This step is very important to be in the market for a longer period.

Ways through which a person can start investing in mutual funds:

  1. Offline investment is the first one. In which the investment is directly made with the fund house. There will be any branch office located near your residence where this can be easily possible. Just take care that you carry the copy of each of these documents such as proof of address, proof of your identity, a cheque of the amount you want to invest and your passport size photo. There would an application form is given to you that you need to fill.
  2. The second way that can be used is just by sitting at your office and contact a broker who would complete all the paperwork required for the investment. Apart from this, he will also provide you with a copy of each document. As he is in the market from some years so would also know about various good schemes.
  3. The third way is just by sitting anywhere and do your investment using the official website. For this, you must have a great amount of knowledge. Many professional investors do this process by themselves as they have some techniques that come up with great results.
  4. The fourth way is to the investment in mutual funds using the app. This way is quite easy as you will not land on any corrupted website that’s fake. All the payment done will be secure with the proper message as well as notification.


All the ways listed above are easy to use. Let me know which one you are going to try. I hope the article was helpful to you.

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