10 December 2022

Kahoot! – Best Gaming Classroom Platform.

By Rahul Garg

Kahoot! is a free platform where you can either learn as a student or impact knowledge as a trainer/teacher on those who are willing to learn.
Kahoot is a game-based used as an epitome of educational technology in schools and other educational institutions because it is easily accessible for everyone since there are no special skills needed before you can use the site.
Start exploring this platform as you learn and play games simultaneously.


Kahoot! is a free student-response tool website which is available for all platforms and allows teachers to create easily test the students with a multiple-choice answer quizzes.
Also, allows students to play, share, reinforce, and most importantly learn.

Teach on Kahoot?

Since this website has a nice user interface and it is not tedious to use for both students and teachers, the process of teaching with it is very easy.
The moment you create a learn quiz right from your dashboard which will take only a couple of minutes to achieve, it is known as KAHOOTS.
You as the Teacher, in this case, all you have to do is make your quiz more lively.
Make it lively by adding a series of multiple questions and answers and making it lively by using images, videos, icon, sounds, etc to wrap everything up.
For fun and brevity, you as a subject trying to impart knowledge on the students have to make your quiz very lively and interactive by adding couples of an option to quizzes, making use of media like videos, images, icons, emojis, audios and so on to make sure no everyone learn while actually playing.

Learn/Play on Kahoot?

Before you can play a game, it must have already been created either by you for your friends or by the teacher for the students, this process is extraordinary as you enjoy the game and it is always recommended to play with friends for even more fun just like you can imagine in the classroom.
You as a player and every other person on your team, if there is at all, have to answer questions individually on their devices.
Although the actual game is generally shared on a big screen where everyone can see each other’s progress and try to buckle up if there is a need to, definitely this is one of the best things in the learning environment ever.
With this, you can always be certain that no one will ever want to be left behind, so they work harder to get a better point and rejoice together.
Also, Kahoot is wider than you thought and you can explore it in-depth by playing having quizzes with virtual players around.

Sharing on Kahoot

Nothing can boost the morales of young students in this generation better than the internet.
kahoot lets users share their progress on their individual social media profile if they want to.
You can also invite other users from anywhere to play and learn with you using your social media account.

Kahoot.it Sign Up

Signing up on this platform is easy and follows the same process just like creating a social network account.
Join the platform as a teacher or as a student following the procedure stated below:

  • You need to visit Kahoot official website using any of your preferred Internet Browser but make sure it is a standard browser and then click Here
  • Or better still, you can download their mobile apps
    for Android on the Google PlayStore, click Here
    for iOS devices on the App Store, click Here
  • You will need to select how you plan to use the platform. Decide for yourself either to teach as a teacher or learn as a student or as a worker.
  • Complete the process by signing up with either your Facebook, Microsoft account or by your mail manually.
  • Verify your email address and you’re all done to start using the platform.

Kahoot.it Pros

Below are some of the great cool things about the platform. Kahoot is:

  1. extremely free with no hidden charge and easy to use either for schools and personal usage. There is a business plan which you can use if you’re an enterprise.
  2. a responsive and flexible learning platform which is a medium to teach anything. Doesn’t necessarily depends on the student’s age so far they can read and understand what is on their screen.
  3. with no central location or location dependent before you can use it.
    All you need is just your mobile or PC devices with a strong internet, start learning on the go!
  4. diverse and engaging.
  5. accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection
  6. played either globally, in groups or individually.
  7. where you can create and host games easily.
  8. loaded with millions of already made games which you can navigate or search from and play.
  9. where you can share and play games with your friends even if they don’t have an account.

Kahoot.it Cons

Here are some of the setbacks of the platform. Kahoot

  1. has a nice UI but it is very technical for first-time users.
  2. experience some lags whenever there are too many users playing the same game.
    For example, a class of 25 students playing the same game. The main display screen will experience some lags because of the data processed.
  3. isn’t compatible with all devices and requires a strong internet connection. Otherwise, you are likely to experience the game restarting over and over.
  4. doesn’t currently support skipping the game even when you are done. You just have to wait until the stipulated time runs out.
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