10 December 2022

Fildo.net Free Audio Streaming App.

By Rahul Garg


Fildo.net is a free audio streaming app which allows you to stream and listen to audio files on your mobile device.
Fildo APK is an audio streaming app with the ability to stream top-quality audios from anywhere around the world. It is free and can be used on your Android or iOS device.

Fildo.net Audio Streaming App

In case you are not familiar with what streaming is, it is actually playing media without actually hosting it on your device.
You’re playing the music directly from the cloud or the file hosting site or just think about watching a video on YouTube.

What FIldo.net app does it lets users stream and easily get free albums zip and mp3 singles amapiano 2020 download globally but it doesn’t have its own collection of audio files but otherwise makes use of other sources from around the world and put it up all in one place.
It is actually one the largest audio streaming app because it is more or less like a music search engine.
It is a music search engine in the sense that it combines different sources from all over the world and output them for mobile users using Fildo App and also PC users using FidloLite (FLITE) or by the use of an emulator.

Fildo.net for iOS

Since iOS doesn’t support installing apps externally, this process might be a little bit tough.
To make use of this audio streaming application on your device running on iOS, you will need to download it first.
To download the application, you need to visit the official Fildo.net website iOS section to see the guide on how to download.
The app is still in Beta testing process. This is likely to be the reason it is not listed on the App Store.

  • Firstly, you need to click on the download link provided on the official website of the app
  • Depending on your network, a modal box will appear immediately after clicking the download link, now click “Install”
  • Wait for the installation process to complete. Now try to open the app which will result in an error: “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”
  • Then proceed to “Settings” then “General” and locate finally “Device Management“
  • Fildo.net iOS app will be here, all you need to do is click on “Trush“
  • You now have the audio streaming app on your iOS device.

Fildo for Android

The process of installing an application without the Google PlayStore is very easy compared to installing on an iOS device without the AppStore.
The basic thing to do in the case of Android is to just Enable Installation of Application from Unknown Sources which most Android users have enabled already, then proceed to the official website of the audio streaming application for Android and finally download and install it on your device.
You can start the app after installation.

Fildo.net Features

  • This app doesn’t require you to subscribe to a premium package before you can begin streaming or downloading music. It is free.
  • There is no special training required to use the app, it is very easy to use.
  • Just like a music player, while streaming you can minimize the app while the song plays in the background. You can easily multitask even with this app active.
  • Audio streaming and download in High Quality.
  • Explore the app by taking an advantage of the Advanced search feature and global sources.
  • Easily include and download lyrics.
  • Cloud playlist synchronization provided you created an account.
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