16 December 2022

Seven Mind-Boggling Internet Facts That Will Make You Think.

By Rahul Garg

The internet may seem like a familiar place to most of us, but it really is not. Generally, we tend to visit a given set of websites and apps every day without caring for the digital world away from our attention span.

Internet facts are always interesting as they give us an insight into the sheer size of the digital technology that rests within the palm of our hand.

  • Over 95 Million Images are Uploaded in Instagram EVERY DAY and 70% Instagram Posts are Unseen

Next time you post an image on Instagram and feel sad because you didn’t get over a hundred like, think about the millions of people whose posts are not even seen by anyone. Even a bustling and energetic place like Instagram can be lonely for some.

  • More Than 50% of Internet Traffic is Fake

The latest statistics showed that over 52% of the world’s traffic is actually run by bots. Think about all the billions of people using the internet in the world. Take that number and increase it a little more. That’s the number of bots that continually roam the internet, lurking in the shadows.

  • It Would Take You More Than 593 Years To Read All the Articles on Wikipedia

Wikipedia hosts more than 43 million articles on its platform which total to about 23 billion words. In order to read these many words, you would need 593 years (assuming you can read 250 words per minute and read for atleast 8 hours daily. No day off!)

  • Over 5 Million Blogs Get Published By the end of Every Day

Starting a new blog? You might feel a little nervous about finding out that more than 5 million blogs are published every day. Don’t worry though. Not all the bloggers who publish these blogs have the commitment needed to keep writing for a long time.

  • Over 47% of Registered Domains Have .Com Extension

.com is the most popular domain extension in the world with over 47% registered domains using the same. The fact that most browsers have the Ctrl + Enter shortcut for .com is a big enough indicator.

  • Of all the Websites Getting Hacked Every Year, 90% Use WordPress as CMS

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS in the world. For all the WordPress users, it may come as a rude shock that 90% of the hacked websites in the world use WordPress. This is mostly because most people with a WordPress-based website have the same way of logging in (urlname.com/wp-admin). This makes it easier for hackers to attack such websites.

However, this is not entirely shocking as 34% of the total number of websites in the world use WordPress. Thus, it is natural for there to be a good chunk of WordPress websites amongst those that get hacked.

  • Chances of Internet Addiction are More Possible in Countries with Higher Rate of Pollution and Traffic

Internet addiction has become a real problem in today’s world. The younger generation is more susceptible to developing an addiction to staying online all the time. Studies have shown that counties with more pollution and traffic levels are likely to have a greater number of internet addiction cases.

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