29 October 2022

Top 6 reasons why PMP certification is worth it !.

By Rahul Garg

In this vast realm of cybersecurity and the IT industry as a whole, experts with the best array of certifications and skills are highly respected and recommended by peers and IT employers alike. A PMP certification is one such skill that makes your career determine more respect within your peer group. Read ahead to find out what PMP entails in the IT and business industry and why getting a PMP certification is worth it!

What is PMP?

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is a well-recognized industry qualification. A PMP certification shows that you have the expertise, education, ability, and competency to lead and guide projects in your respective companies. Professional project managers are needed in every industry. The demand is measured in terms of ability requirements, which vary by sector and geography. The need for project managers with a standardized skillset grows as businesses hire people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Project managers are expected to lead system reorganization efforts, translate tactical strategy into concrete goals, and ensure successful and agreed-upon outcomes, all while balancing the budget. To become a qualified associate in project management, an applicant must pass a rigorous and comprehensive exam after their application has been accepted and approved by PMI.

Why get yourself a PMP certification? 6 reasons PMP training is worth it

It gives your abilities more credibility

Being a PMP specialist acts as concrete evidence of your abilities and expertise when looking for work. Not only will your resume seem more credible, but you will also appear to prospective employers and future workers as trustworthy experts. Throughout your career, you will seek a variety of technical certifications. But, of all of them, the PMP qualification is the most important. Interviewers seeking to fill a project manager role are highly aware these days. Jobs in project management are in high demand too. As a result, in most situations, many people apply for these positions. So, if you want to advance in your current organisation, the PMP certification can be highly beneficial. It puts you miles ahead of your peers in terms of career advancement.

It can improve your chances of landing a job.
According to a study by the Project Management Institute (PMI), employers would need 87.7 million people employed in project management-related positions by 2027. Getting your PMP certification is a perfect way to improve your chances for landing a job, because employers prefer professionals who seem knowledgeable in their field. It will help you stand out from the crowd and get hired much more quickly. PMP certification is a globally recognized credential. Many certification programmes focus on a single domain or region. However, PMP is a global certification well respected in any sector and in any country. Therefore, if you get PMP certified, you will increase your chances of employability regardless of your location.

It will assist you in advancing your career.

The PMP certification course will help you develop new skills for your career and broaden your learning and development opportunities. These provide the ideal foundation for you to continue to evolve and work your way to the top. A PMP certification teaches you critical skills that can help you advance in your career. It also necessitates that you master the practical aspects involved in a business operation. Obtaining the PMP certification would call for the acquisition of several hard and soft skills. It improves the understanding of basic project management processes, methods, strategies, and methodologies. It also introduces you to project management practices and emerging trends, giving you various opportunities to learn new tricks and techniques and evolve in the field.

It aids in the formation of influential relationships and business networks

When you join the PMP club, you will have the ability to meet new people who will benefit you in the future. A PMP certification provides opportunities for networking and assists participants in achieving Professional Development. By connecting with fellow PMP experts, you will gain a deeper insight and perspective in the field to become a better professional yourself.

You will be able to receive a higher salary with PMP certification:

Project managers who hold the PMP credential benefit more than those who do not. According to PMI’s Salary Survey, PMP credential holders receive 23% more salary than those without it. This course will give you the skills and experience to become a star candidate in the professional job market. The most appealing aspect of PMP certification is the potential for project managers to earn a higher salary. In addition to a higher wage, PMP certification increases job security.

Additional Benefits of PMP certification online:

As a Project manager, you will have the opportunity to learn the most out of the best group of experts. Since you are on your path to become a PMP certified professional, you will be given priority over non-PMPs. You will remain up to date on the most recent developments and processes in the project management sector. Another significant PMP advantage is the boost of confidence that comes along by adding PMP at the end of your name. This is an excellent boost to your self-esteem!

Therefore, to get maximum credibility, career growth, skill enhancement, marketability, higher salary, more value and respect in your field, get yourself PMP certified today! DICC is the best training provider to get your PMP certification online and shine in the eyes of your dream employers!

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