13 January 2022

Top 7 Resources To Learn SEO From The Expert.

By Rahul Garg

Being a blogger, we should concentrate to learn SEO from the experts for latest updates.

Basic SEO skills are compulsory to get enough organic traffic to our blog.

If we know some tweaks and latest happenings about SEO then it is very simple to rank better in SERP, Google is regularly updating its search engine algorithms to serve better results to their search engine users.

If we check top Indian expert bloggers blog traffic statistics we will come to know 80% of their traffic is coming from search engines.

For Example

  1. Mr. Harsh Agarwal’s ShoutMeLoud.Com on average monthly pageviews will be around 500000, and 80% of those pageviews around 400000 is coming from search engines, imagine the power of SEO which can give you a lot results  in long run if you take care of search engine optimization.
  2. Mr. Amith Agarwal’s LabNol.Org is another example which gets 73% of its traffic from search engines.

I won’t say that they did only SEO to get these results; they even produced great content to come to this position.

What I mean to say is along with great content they have even taken necessary steps to get organic traffic to their blog.

Now we know the importance of SEO to get results.

Knowing only basic rules of content optimization is not sufficient, we should know all the tips, tricks, tweaks, disadvantages, Do’s & Don’ts, case studies, people’s experiences.

We can learn all the above things from some great resources that are having one decade experience on SEO with their websites


These top 7 resources are authoritative blogs for search engine optimization.


SEL was founded in 2006 by Mr. Sullivan, covers search engine marketing, SEO, digital marketing, this website has thousands of substantially informative articles about Search engine optimization.

We can consider this website as a perfect resource to learn all the essential updates about SEO, subscribing to the daily newsletter will update us about the latest happenings in the field of SEO right in your inbox.

Moz Blog

MOZ is found by Mr. Rand Fishkin in 2004 as a consulting company later they converted this company into a software company in 2008.

Now MOZ is a software services company which sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software to the world.

MOZ has a blog which regularly updates a lot of informative articles about SEO, and they regularly post video tutorials on YouTube with the name of  Friday White Board Series.

I hope all the SEO consultants know about Mr. Rand Fishkin and follow his Friday White Board Series on YouTube.

He is an excellent communicator, who will explain each and every step of SEO in detailed manner with the help of a white board; these video tutorials are one of the best resources to learn SEO strategies.


SEJ was launched in 2003 by a group of marketing experts in the field of search engine optimization; it has a new kind of approach to producing the SEO content, it’s a community of lot marketing experts who contributes the content to SEJ on regular basis.

The content available on SEJ is created by a lot of online marketing experts


  • Neil Patel.
  • Julia McCoy
  • Larry Kim

Kelsey Jones is the executive editor for this blog and she also works as a consultant for search and social media marketing by Kensas based agency MoxieDot.

Following this blog will update lot information about Social media marketing and SEO related information.


BackLinko is another good resource to learn the SEO, this blog articles mainly focuses on backlinks with whitehat SEO techniques.

Backlinks are founded by Mr. Brain Dean.

Mr. Neil Patel mentions him as a backlink expert.

Here is the quote of Mr. Neil Patel

“When it comes to link building, Brain Dean is the best in the Business.”

This blog has a lot of statistical case studies about backlinks, he tries to include documented and practical information in all of his posts.

Search Engine Watch

SEW was started by Mr. Sullivan in 1996 later he sold this web site to MecklerMedia, this is an age-old website which has thousands of informative articles on SEO.

We can consider this website as the father of SEO related blogs; it is still maintaining its reputation by regularly updating its content.

I personally like this website which covers all the regular update about Search engine optimization.

SEO Starter Guide By Google

To simplify the every bloggers or website owner’s problems to learn basic things about SEO, Google has come up with this starter guide in PDF format.

Google has illustrated all the necessary core things or common areas where webmaster should consider optimizing, and this guide is available in 40 languages.

Having this copy with you is must know core concepts of SEO because it is Google’s official guide to optimizing your content.

Google WebMasters Help YouTube Channel

Google WebMasters help videos are very helpful to know and clear so many doubts which regularly come to our mind related to SEO.

Here in this channel we can find a lot of videos by Matt Cutts who clears all our doubts regarding  SEO techniques, these videos really helpful to the bloggers to know “what to do and what not do” on our blog.

Conclusion: If we follow regularly all these top 7 resources to learn SEO from the experts then becoming successful in getting organic traffic like expert bloggers is possible, in the long run.

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