13 January 2022

Social Media Marketing Tools For Better productivity.

By Rahul Garg

Social media marketing plays an important role to get consistent traffic to our blog, but spending time on social media for long hours kills our productivity.

Without our concern we spend lot of time on social media, because it is an addictive time killer in nature, if we are able to manage the time we spend on social media can bring lot of difference in our productivity.

We can spend that valuable time on content creation and research for new content ideas.

Minimizing social media time is possible through automation tools for scheduling our posts and correcting our social media followers.

Each social media has its own strengths and weakness; we cannot neglect any of the social media.

One social media marketing tool will not cater all our needs, so we have to choose different social media marketing tools to cater different social media platforms.

As a newbie to the blogging industry we cannot spend lot of amount for automation tools like professional bloggers.

Most of automation tools are providing free services with limited features, if we tap all the automation tools which are giving free services, then that is sufficient to minimize our time on social media.

Now I will share my experiences on how I am using social media tools without spending single dime for automation for different social media platforms.

Same thing you can apply for your social media marketing purpose.


If we want to succeed in social media marketing, then three important factors can influence our success.

Those are

  1. Images
  2. Consistent post updates
  3. Social media influencers
  4. Social analytics

I am going to share about the tools which are important for above 4 things


Most of the bloggers are depended upon royalty free stock images and so many bloggers are using the same image for different purposes, to differentiate our image from rest of the world, we have to make some changes to the image.

We cannot afford premium image editing software for our blog, to come out of this problem we have two excellent online tools for editing stock images as per our need.


PicMonkey is the most popular image editing software for bloggers, we can resize, crop, add text, headlines, to the image, and there are several options to add layouts, frames, watermarks and overlays to the image.

When I started using Picmonkey for initial days I was little bit confused in using it, after some days of using it, now I am familiar with it and there are so many tutorials available online to learn the basic things on using Picmonkey.


Canva is another popular image editing software for bloggers; this tool has pre installed image dimensions for Facebook cover page, Twitter cover page, and Pinterest.

Canva also has the all the abilities like Picmonkey but Canva is not user friendly like Picmonkey, I am more comfortable with Picmonkey.

If you want to use pre installed image dimensions without worrying about the image size then Canva is the best option to go for.


Regular and consistent post updates on social media is must to reach maximum audience, we cannot spend all our time for social media.

Here are the free tools with limited features I am using to schedule my Facebook, Google Plus business page, Twitter and Pinterest updates.


Buffer free version allows adding 3 social media platform profiles and 10 posts limit to schedule for each platform.

I consume daily limit of 10 tweets for Twitter with buffer app.

For Google plus and Facebook, I schedule daily two posts for next five days

Another best reason to use buffer app is it gives analytics about your posts, like how many retweets, likes, shares and favorites you got for your tweets and allows you to rebuffer the same post again for better reach.

Buffer really helps to increase post reach for maximum people without wasting lot of time.


Tweetdeck is an official Twitter tool to schedule your tweets; here we can use multiple Twitter profiles to schedule the same tweet.

We don’t have any limitations to schedule our tweets; we can see the live feed tweets, messages, notifications and scheduled tweets in single page for our convenience.

Tweetdeck is really a must tool for all bloggers to schedule unlimited tweets without any restrictions.


Viralwoot is the only free tool available to schedule pins on Pinterest with a limit of 100 pins per month, so daily we can schedule 3 pins per day with the help of Viralwoot.

Another best benefit we get from Viralwoot is we can get repins for our promoted pins from other Viralwoot users.

It works same like justretweet.com manner, if you repin other user pins you will get some seeds, you can use these earned seeds to promote your pins.

Viralwoot really helps to improve your Pinterest marketing.


Everypost is an app available for IOS and Android mobiles which allows you to schedule posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest right now this app doesn’t  have any restrictions but this is a  new app and  there so many glitches in using this app.

Sometimes scheduled posts published immediately, this happened to me but it is improvising day by day, I am using this app for Pinterest Pin scheduling.


Social media influencers can bring lot of traffic to our blog if we are able to get noticed by them, finding social media influencers on all social media platforms in not possible, but for Twitter and LinkedIn we can get the influencers information by tools.


Followerwonk by MOZ is the best tool to know about the influencers on Twitter, it gives full information about your Twitter profile and you can even check your competitor’s information by this tool.

This tool gives limited information by free version if we want to maximize its benefits then we have to go for premium version.

Followerwonk allows finding influencers, who are our followers, where our followers are located and when they are online to tweet.

LinkedIn Influencers

For LinkedIn we don’t need any tools to find our niche influencers, LinkedIn has its set of influencers around the world on every field, simply we have to find and follow those influencers to get maximum benefit from them.

Conclusion: There are so many good automation tools available outside, these are some of them which I am using to promote my blog, please share your opinions on comments to share your experiences on social media marketing tools which you feel comfortable to share.

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