20 January 2021

Top Ethical Hacking & Security E-Books

By DICC Institute

Ethical hacking and security have become one of the trending topics to learn by the students nowadays the reason behind this occurrence is simple to understand as every day the population of the world is a huge increase and most of the people worldwide has all types of work associated with the virtual world for which they depend on the use of the internet. As the work is expanding there are sure chances of people coming up with new tricks and techniques to take bad advantage of that such as stealing the important information, hacking up to someone’s account and virtually steals up all the money, misuse of social media and much more than this. Some of these acts are pretty dangerous as if someone gets access to your accounts, they could do so much that we cannot even imagine. On this tough time when security is so important the ethical hacking professionals as well the security professional help us to be safe from all these mishappenings by giving us alert or by tracking up the people behind these miscellaneous activities from any corner of the world.

 There is so much demand going on for learning the concepts of security and ethical hacking so that more student can pursue this stream as their desired profession for the upcoming future. The extensive use of the internet and online means for doing almost anything is provoking the hackers to continue their idea of carrying out various illegal activities. All one can do is to get proper knowledge so that they do not fall for all these dangerous traps being laid by an attacker or I can say, cybercriminals. There is a set of punishment decided for these criminals that I can say are bad one for sure.

Many of the students nowadays prefer online learning but few of us prefer books for gathering knowledge. The practice of reading is quite good as per many professional. The books that are available on some e- commence sites about hacking and security are pretty expensive to afford by many of us. For solving this problem in today’s article, we are going to suggest some of the E-books which are available in the forms of pdf files. This can be easily downloaded in your device and can be used anytime you want. This technique is quite affordable as well as portable for many book readers around. All these books are available on many online websites. Here comes the list kindly check out.

#1. Hacking: The Ultimate Beginners Guide: 

The first book in this list is hacking: The Ultimate Beginners Guide. This book is strongly suggested to those people who want to start with the basics before moving to advance knowledge. There are many of the people who want to learn how to hack. This book contains a lot of trick and tips that could be used for hacking. The explanation is quite easy to understand with a step-to-step explanation. The readers can learn all the terms with proper points. Not only for beginners but also many professional out there this book is a great choice.

#2. The secret to becoming a Genius Hacker:

This is the second book easily available as pdf in many sites known as the secret to becoming a genius hacker. In this book, there are all the tricks and tips listed to hack any kind of smartphone, computer or any kind on the online website too. There are several examples listed that can be used as a practice tool. There are many types of attack that can be learned easily and then implemented as per the hacker’s point of view.

#3. Incognito toolkit:

This book is also a great choice if someone wants to be a specialist in apps, web, creative method of remaining private and at the same place be secure with communication. And other pointing terminologies around it. This book has a real-time example making things easier to understand also after everything explained there is a summary that is to grasp everything and review again once you are forger something in between. There is up to date information that is updated every year by the publishers without fail. This book is a great read for professional as well as beginners. 

#4. Make your smartphone 007 smart:

This is the fourth book in our list. The book is quite different than all the books listed above. The type of language used can be a little bit complex to understand but for those who can understand it properly will surely acquire great skills in hacking as well as various mobile tricks. The smartphone that we carry can be used as a high-tech spy tool even when it is carried in your pockets. All the information is nicely mentioned in this book it’s always worth reading by both professional as well as the freshers.


The list mentioned above is worth a try if someone wants to lean from the basics to advance the ethical hacking and security. Kindly try theses.

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