23 January 2021

Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers

By DICC Institute

The career scope in the domain of cyber stream has a lot of scope in the upcoming future. Due to advance use of the internet and the risk of threat among the people, there is a huge requirement of people in this field to crack down the hackers and also to build the security for most of the user worldwide. The professional related to this domain is quite promising as said by many experienced professionals. But as the field is unique to get in the interview as well the work is not that simple as it seems. The interview is hard to crack.

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This is one of the fields in which the initial knowledge about the subject is one of the important things to remember by the student’s side. Here in this article, I am going to list out some of the important interview questions which have been asked from the fresher many times. So, if you are the person interested in opting cybersecurity in your upcoming future then kindly read through. Most of this question are initial once which are short but something that must be remembered as those are the term used in starting of the subject which is, of course, the part we people mainly don’t pay attention to. So, let’s see the question one by one.

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Before moving forward let us see some of the important element related to the cybersecurity which acts as the base:

  1. Computer networking
  2. Network security
  3. Application security
  4. Operational security
  5. End-user education

All these set the action as the initial knowledge before the real subject can start. You can also join cyber security course in Delhi from DICC.

Question: 1 What do you mean by the term cybersecurity?

This term can be defined as the method to protect the hardware, software data from the hackers or other type of attackers. There are some things that this technology is made to do like prevent unauthorized access of the person who wanted to steal the data or information, change, destroy the confidential detail the user possesses.

Question: 2 Tell us some of the major advantages of cybersecurity?

Answer: Some of the advantages of cybersecurity are:

  1. It protects the user data or information from all kind of malware
  2. It also provides security to the end-users
  3. Networks are also provided with good protection
  4. The recovery time is also improved after the problem caused by the breach
  5. The authorized users to enter the website available online

Question: 3 Define the term cryptography?

Answer: This is one of the popular techniques used to protect the information from all kind of adversaries mostly done by the third-party websites. This method makes things clear and visible about the transaction. 

Question: 4 Differentiate between the term IDS and IPS?

Answer: The term IDS stands for intrusion detection systems which are used mostly to prevent all kind of intrusion. There is so much attention required by the side of admin when the intrusion is done. In the intrusion prevention system, which is the full form of IPS the system finds the intrusion and then the technique is applied that help us to avoid it from happening again and again.

Question: 5 What do you mean by the term CIA?

Answer: CIA in cybersecurity stands for three main pillars that are known as confidentiality, integrity and availability. This term is quite popular in this domain. It is designed as a popular model that can be used to develop a security policy. There are 3 concepts related to CIA:

The first one is the term confidentiality which means it ensures that the data or information belonging to a person can be accessed as well as change by that particular person only no unauthorized access will be able to harm the data.

The second one is the integrity that means the information will be present is the correct format as per the regulation been set.

The third term is availability which here means to ensure that all kind of data, as well as resources, is been made available by the user as per their requirement.

Question: 6 What do you mean by the firewall and what’s its usage?

Answer: A firewall is a technology designed for network mainly. This is kind of boundary security protector that is kept at the very end of the system or the network. The job is to monitor and control all the network traffic. This is used to protect the system from the malware, worms and all kind of virus. The content filtering and remote access is also its feature that comes handy. 

Question: 7 Explain the term traceroute?

Answer: Packet path is showed by using this tool known popularly as the traceroute. All the point from which the packet is passed is listed up using this. Therefore, if the packet does not reach the destination then this is the main place it used for so that can track down easily.

Question: 8 Explain the term SSL?

Answer: The term here stands for secure sockets locker. This technology is used for the creation of encrypted connections between two important terms known to be a web server and a web browser. The main usage is the protection of data or information related to all kind of transaction done in the online mode.


There are so many other important questions that are easily available on the websites present on the internet. Kindly go through. I hope the article was of some help.

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