20 January 2021

How to get a Cyber Security Internship?

By DICC Institute

This article is mainly written to help the students as well the recent graduates to get an internship in the field of cybersecurity. As we know from the past few years the field of cybersecurity has grown a lot and these allow most of the students to pursue their career in the strongest field of the upcoming future. As this will provide us with a lot of knowledge handy and great money too. There are many companies out there which provide the student with cybersecurity internships but to choose from those is quite a difficult task. According to various seniors of this cybersecurity field getting an internship is one of the hardest tasks. Getting into something that is not going to help the growth of your future is not at all time worth. In place of that, you would be ending up getting confused and tracked out of our career for sure.

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The guide in this will provide you knowledge on various internships currently famous in the market, where should you be looking for the internships like the famous companies as well as the known sites in the web, what are the basic requirement of these internships and much more that would be important to list down. As most of you know that internship provides us with great knowledge much like a practice before the real exam starts. The position and job are somewhat same at the lower level where the individual is allowed to observe things and learn part by part until and unless get used to it or I can master it. It is a possibility that the internship could be paid or even unpaid but the experience, as well as the knowledge gained, can be defined priceless.

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Why do an internship in this cybersecurity is important?

Cybersecurity is a widespread field where only people with a great amount of knowledge is required. The person who is not able to do the task is of no use in this field. Just think how insecure the security becomes if all the people in here don’t know how to handle the security of the cyber field and bring down the hackers who try to attempt these practices. I know what you people must be thinking that the job is something risky well at some point I can yes. As there are so much important things that are dependent on this jib one or other way around. So, to become someone who can work in this field with all the professional people you need to have both experiences as well as knowledge then only the future will be smooth and learning the new stuff becomes somewhat easy.

Types of internships offered in the cybersecurity field:

The internship is important of all domain and cybersecurity can be said one of the important ones in the list. The industry looks out for excellent employees to join the industry as there is quite a shortage of qualified as well as an experienced professional who could handle the job precisely. The workforce needs to get stronger as the new graduates enter the market. When we try to get an internship in this field than many things should be considered as to whether to opt for a govt internship or a private one as the right decision is important. So, if you are going for a govt internship the following things should be remembered. Government internship is quite famous so to get inside would be a little bit hard as there is a lot of competition. But once you get inside than its just the beginning of a wonderful journey. Private internship in this domain starts from time to time but the govt internship is available to apply every year.

The salary mainly depends here on the amount of work done. But most of the internship here are paid. The internship allows the student to work around the place and grasp some real knowledge around. Well, if I would mention an example then that would be a department of homeland security where a large amount of student applies for internship every year. The second option here would be private internship which is been conducted by almost every private company in the field of cybersecurity. While the rules are quite tricky here but one can be out of the govt policies that is an important need. But in private most of the time internships are not paid as they count it a type of training which is, of course, expensive in that place of giving stipend, they provide training. But if you are an excellent performer than I could say that they will start paying you earlier than most the candidate and also it would be even a chance that you will be taken as a full-time employee at the same firm with a good package.


There is much information on these internships that you can gather from the web. The information gets updated from time to time. I hope the article was a little help to you.

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