5 April 2021

How to learn Ethical Hacking from the basics

By DICC Institute

The field of hacking is been around us for the last five decades and it would be not wrong if I say that the domain is of great importance in every other field that holds something in this new era. The security related to every piece of information is of broad discipline. All this covers a large range of topic altogether. The first event of ethical hacking took place long back in the year 1960. It was held at MIT and at that particular time the term hacker was originated. The domain is huge and leaning it has a great advantage both for personal as well as professional use. In today time when on daily basis some or another person or organization face the cyber threat than only the ethical hacking professional are the people, they can rely on.

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One should study hard to grasp as much as possible if wanted to pursue a further career as an ethical hacking professional. There are several exams conducted to choose the best among the crowd that appears in the exam and then is trained over years. This does not stop here because the field of ethical hacking relies on the amount of experience one has. Most organization prefer to hire a professional who has more than 10 plus years experience of working and also is been graduated from a well-reputed institute. When we talk about the institutes then there are many known institutes which hold a various degree in the field of ethical hacking based on once choice. The thing that matters is that at the end of the course the particular person is ready to face the market and perform the job well irrespective of handling all the obstacles or simple the problem faced by people. As we all know that the computer expert who does the act of hacking is known to be a hacker.

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These hackers are the people who seek the knowledge correspondence to understand how does the system works, how are they designed to perform all the different tasks and after understanding all these pieces of knowledge they can play with the system as per their requirement. It is just like manipulating people to act as per their wish. Thus, hacking is usually legal and as long as it is being done to find all kind of weaknesses in both the computer and the associate computer network for all kind of testing purpose. This type of hacking is known as ethical hacking.

Let us see some of the advantages related to hacking:

  1. Hacking helps in recovering lost information mainly if one has lost his or her password.
  2. With this we can perform penetration testing which helps to strengthen computer and network security as well
  3. Ethical hacking also enables us to take preservative measures in correspondence to avoid any type of security breaches
  4. The system remains more secure from unwanted access that can give hackers the advantage to gain access to various confidential personal or professional data.

    How can one learn ethical hacking from the very basics?

  1. The first thing a beginner can do is to read all type of books that help in building up all kind of knowledge. This will set the foundation of the acquired knowledge. Many books are recommended such as hacking for dummies, CEHv10 Study Guide by SYBEX and Hacking, The Art of Exploitation. All these books are written for anyone with only some understanding of security. Apart from this, all doubts related queries are already answered here.

2. The second thing one can do is to take an online course that will help you to understand the concepts more precisely. Many platforms provide an excellent course on ethical hacking such as Udemy, penesterlab, Coursera, Eureka etc. I am listing down some of the courses below kindly have a look. 

3. The third thing is to start up with something slow and when things are in understanding than can move to the next level. As nowadays YouTube is one of the most versatile platforms used by a lot of people for studying and many well-known channels provide the best security content to get started with. Altogether there is both practical and theoretical knowledge shared in this platform which is quite easy to grasp. Some of the known channels which are best for studying ethical hacking courses are jack tutorials, the new Boston and the hacker spoilt. There are separate doubt sessions organized where the subscribers can ask direct questions which will be answered as soon as possible.   

If you want to learn ethical hacking from the basics to advanced level than join ethical hacking course in Delhi from DICC.


There are many other things one can do to start as a beginner in the ethical hacking field such as self-study through the web, taking professional help from a tutor, join an academy with one of the popular courses. Apart from this various blog websites are present which provide excellent content on ethical hacking and security. Such as TheHackerNews, PortSwigger’s Blog and Hacker One Hactivity(disclosed vulnerability reports). I hope the above-written information helps.

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